Fact Sheet

Travel and Hospitality Industry Solutions

Provide better, more memorable experiences for your guests with the help of travel and hospitality industry solutions from Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Flawless. That’s the experience you want for the guests in your hotels and resorts. They expect well-maintained, spotless rooms; fabulous food and entertainment; secure buildings and parking; and staff who anticipate their needs.

We help you take care of your guests, your property and your bottom line. Verizon hospitality industry solutions provide new, efficient ways to anticipate guests’ needs, deliver targeted promotions, resolve guest concerns and keep your property in tip–top shape.

Automated Retail

A lost phone charger. A forgotten lipstick. In the rush of travel, things get left behind. Accommodate your guests, while boosting revenue for your business, with Automated Retail, one of our hospitality industry solutions. Available 24/7—after hotel gift shops have closed—Automated Retail goes far beyond the traditional vending machine. These kiosks sell high-value goods and feature an LCD touch interface, a credit card reader and a patented delivery system where customers pay only if they receive their product.

Mobile Operations Management

Customer loyalty is gold. You can foster that, and keep it, with Mobile Operations Management solutions. Put information about repeat guests’ and VIPs’ preferences at your staff’s fingertips. Confirm that housekeeping meets your high standards. Make certain that problems are fixed quickly—or even avoided—and that preventive maintenance is done on time. With Mobile Operations Management, you can take care of the details, large and small, without guests ever having to ask.

Digital Signage/Mobile Marketing

At the end of a long day, your guests are looking for a nice meal and a way to unwind. Make it easy for them—and increase sales opportunities— using Digital Signage and Mobile Marketing solutions. With Digital Signage and Mobile Marketing, you can send guests targeted messages on their mobile devices, letting them know about restaurant specials, onsite entertainment, spa services and more. And you can strategically place and update digital signs to capture more sales.

Wireless Security

When you’re responsible for thousands of guests, you don’t want to take chances with safety. Wireless Security solutions let you enhance security by setting up cameras that multiple people can monitor in real time on mobile devices. You get extra eyes on potential trouble spots, and can more easily manage parking lots and improve traffic flow at events.

Guest Experience

Imagine lounging at the pool and a waiter appears with your favorite drink—without your even having to ask. With Guest Experience hospitality industry solutions, you can create this magic. Data gathered on your guests’ preferences and habits helps you personalize their experience like never before. And if guests do have concerns, they can easily let you know, using the mobile device of their choice. Your staff then quickly follows up to be sure they are satisfied.

Why Verizon?

Verizon Wireless technology helps your business operate more efficiently and effectively. When your mobile workers are on the go, our solutions help keep them connected, sharing data and collaborating with secure, reliable technology.

Verizon Wireless draws upon these advanced technology platforms and services to provide targeted solutions for your mobile workforce.