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Stay Competitive with the User Experience Checklist

Use this user experience checklist to gauge whether you're making every interaction the best it can be.

Published: May 6, 2020

The concept of “business as usual” is evolving rapidly, as technology advances and societal changes affect daily life. Customers and employees alike want fast, responsive applications and services that they can access from anywhere, anytime. At the same time, they expect protection from would-be attackers and trust you to secure their data. 

Technologies such as the cloud, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are quickly becoming today’s business standards. These tools may help you deliver the experiences customers demand and the employee capabilities that simplify and streamline workflows to keep them productive. 

76 percent of respondents to a recent study agreed that their respective companies require new solutions to improve visibility and control over their entire network as it becomes more complex.1 

Ask yourself the questions on our UX checklist below to determine whether you’re up to the task of improving every experience for customers and employees. You’ll also learn some ways Verizon may help. 

1) Are you empowering employees to stay productive with mobility and cloud-based applications?

Remote work and on-the-go access to applications and services are vital to staying productive. With always-on access to their work tools, employees are able to do business right where it happens. They are able to respond to customers on the spot, collaborate with colleagues without being in the same room and be more efficient throughout the day. 

  • Can your people connect to the data they need, when and where they need it?
  • How quickly can your network adapt to needed changes?
  • Can your network handle new technologies such as cloud computing, AI, mobility and IoT?
  • Does your traditional wide area network (WAN) enable you to scale bandwidth on demand? 

Virtual Network Services (VNS) Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) can help. It creates a virtualized WAN by combining your public and private networks. It boosts bandwidth and automates and prioritizes traffic on demand flow, quickly and securely connecting your people to the data they need. 

2) Are you optimizing network performance with edge-computing technologies?

Computing at the edge of your network—instead of relaying raw data back to a centralized location for analysis and response—means quicker processing, lower latency and expanded IoT potential. Edge computing optimizes performance of technologies such as video streaming, IoT, image and video recognition, and real-time asset tracking. 

  • Can your infrastructure provide the shortest possible high-volume connection between users, devices and applications?
  • Can your infrastructure act on localized data where it is generated, to improve performance and security?
  • Does your infrastructure allow developers to create more contextually aware applications and enhanced IoT possibilities?

Verizon 5G Edge, the world’s first mobile edge compute platform, can help. It combines Amazon Web Services® cloud storage and compute capabilities with our 5G Edge platform, so you can develop and utilize large-scale, latency-sensitive applications enabled by next-generation technologies. 

By 2025, only 25 percent of data processing will be centralized, with the remaining 75 percent occurring on the network edge.2

3) Are you enhancing customer interactions through the power of AI?

AI is empowering a new generation of customer service tools, from intuitive chatbots to self-serve support options that help solve customer issues quickly and seamlessly. Through automation, AI allows you to serve more customers, better. 

  • Can you offer customers immediate, personalized support and experience based on their past interactions?
  • Are you able to gain vital consumer insights while providing customers with enhanced self-service options? 
  • How can you increase customer service agent productivity while improving the quality of customer interactions? 

Fewer than 25 percent of firms surveyed are satisfied with their ability to integrate data into the customer service experience.3 

If our user experience check list has piqued your interest in learning more about how Verizon may help you to enhance experiences for your customers and employees, visit: https://enterprise.verizon.com/solutions/personalize-your-customer-experience/.

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