Verizon Intelligent Video and Smart Surveillance

See how Verizon Intelligent Video systems with smart surveillance were quickly deployed to help the Napa County Sherriff's Department during the Big Game.



We hear about it every day – for businesses, government agencies, schools, airports, law enforcement and others – security is a No. 1 concern. And while "putting eyes on the edge" is a good idea, traditional surveillance solutions can be costly. And installation, maintenance and training can be complicated and disruptive.

But what if protecting your operations with leading surveillance technology was easy and affordable? Wouldn't that be smart? With Verizon Intelligent Video, it is. Verizon Intelligent Video is a pre-engineered integrated solution through a single point of contact, Verizon.

Verizon intelligent video provides everything you need, from video monitoring through Verizon Intelligent Video Management system and notification, enabling your rapid response. And our surveillance-as-a-service is pay-as-you-go and includes licensing, support, cloud and wireless network access.

With Verizon Intelligent Video, your surveillance operation is up and running fast. Smart.

The solution cameras record high-quality video and help you avoid server costs by storing data locally. Smart.

With Verizon Intelligent Video, built-in edge analytics give you extra support identifying zones of interest, spotting suspicious activity, triggering alerts and sending relevant video clips to the cloud. And if a real threat exists, Verizon's Intelligent Video Management system archives the video and shares it with authorized personnel in seconds, helping improve notifications and reduce your response time. Smart

And don't forget: When it comes to security, the network matters. Your video and other data are secure with Verizon on the nation's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

What do our customers think? We talked with the Napa County Sherriff's Department about Verizon Intelligent Video.

Captain Keith Behlmer, Napa County Sherriff's Department: "We were told by a municipal airport in NAPA to expect up to 250 jets for the Super Bowl. And that week Verizon Solutions responded, set up (and) trained our personnel in less than a week.

Deployment was very easy and (we) really did very little. We were told when the equipment would be arriving, it was set up, and we were up and running. Training was a two-hour webcast. I had several members of my department on different computers on the webcast. At the end of two hours, I think everybody was pretty comfortable with the system and how it worked.

"(Verizon) set up all the analytics while we were on the webcast and showed us the different features.

"The analytics was probably one of the slickest parts of the system, being able to send it from a person to a vehicle, or bigger. To be able to run trip wires and monitor certain areas, it made the system very usable, especially for law enforcement.

"I think the Verizon Intelligent Video system is an incredible tool. I would absolutely recommend it to the department. I've seen a lot of camera and infrared things over the years, and this was probably one of the top systems I've seen."

Take control with smart monitoring. Take control with Verizon Intelligent Video.

To learn more about Verizon Intelligent Video, contact your Verizon account representative or go to VerizonEnterprise.com/SmartCities