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Virtual Network Services – WAN Optimization

Optimize your network on the fly to respond to changing business needs.

Virtual Network Services – WAN Optimization

The demand for cloud and mobile technologies continues to rise. You need to reach more people in more places faster and more reliably than ever before. Fast-shifting market demands require agility and quick business responses. On top of that, you have to continually support every new wave of game-changing, sophisticated applications. All of that means application performance has to become a top priority.

In the past, organizations have used WAN optimization appliances to try to meet network and application performance needs. But specialized hardware like that comes with large upfront capital investments and ongoing difficulty and expense in maintaining them. But that’s not all. Specialized appliances can get outdated quickly. Often that happens due to improvements or innovations in individual components within an appliance, such as processors or memory. Whatever the cause, it leads to periodic refresh cycles that result in high total cost of ownership (TCO).

But a bigger problem is that WAN optimization hardware can’t be deployed on demand. It can take weeks to simply deploy or upgrade.

Today’s business and fast-evolving applications need a high-performing, dynamic network that can quickly scale. To improve productivity from your workforce, you need to be able to quickly spin up the high-quality network resources they need for reliable application performance, no matter where they work from. We can help you easily and cost-effectively do all that with Virtual Network Services – WAN Optimization.

Improve user experiences and application performance.

The virtualization that happened in the data center is now happening in the network. With Virtual Network Services – WAN Optimization, you can replace traditional, proprietary WAN optimization hardware with WAN optimization virtual network functions. It lets you quickly and easily spin up the WAN optimization services you need from the vendors you want. In most cases, that means a few days or less, instead of waiting the weeks it takes to deploy traditional dedicated hardware appliances. So now you can quickly respond to changing business needs and make sure your applications have the bandwidth and resources they need to perform.

From easy-to-deploy universal customer premises equipment (uCPE), you can easily and dynamically serve up the WAN optimization services you need. With a single uCPE per site, you can choose to run multiple network services, such as routing, security and SD WAN in plug-and-play fashion from different vendors, including Riverbed and Cisco. And our automated orchestration and service chaining link all the different services so they work seamlessly together as a unified service.

Verizon is recognized as a leader in delivering networking, security and cloud solutions that can help you with game-changing virtualization initiatives.

Since the solution is vendor neutral, you can avoid vendor lock-in and have the freedom to shop from a rich ecosystem of leading vendors, mixing and matching the best-in-class services that are the right fit for your needs. Depending on the vendors and service level you choose, you can take advantage of different WAN optimization services and ways to improve performance, including the following:

  • Web proxy cache
  • Deep package inspection
  • Application latency and TCP acceleration
  • File transfer and HTTPS
  • Cloud application

In addition to improving application performance and user experiences, these WAN optimization services can also help you improve bandwidth usage and put off expensive bandwidth upgrades. And that can help you get a positive return on investment (ROI).

Better control WAN costs.

Virtual Network Services – WAN Optimization gives you flexibility in your choice of services in a way that helps you control costs. Choose from different service tiers and up to five different service sizes (i.e., small to extra-large) based on your network requirements. And our flexible pricing models offer cost-effective monthly billing options to help you balance capital expense (CAPEX) and operational expense (OPEX) spending.

Focus more on meeting business needs.

To simplify management and let you focus on your business, Virtual Network Services – WAN Optimization comes with full service management. That includes service activation, physical and logical change management, security policy and patching, monitoring and more. All of this works with world-class transport services from Verizon, like Private IP and Internet Dedicated Services.

Scale and allocate WAN optimization resources on the fly to meet specific application needs.

Benefits of Virtual Network Services – WAN Optimization

Easily, quickly and cost-effectively spin up WAN optimization virtual network functions to respond to fast-changing business demands.

  • Scale and allocate resources on the fly to meet specific application needs.
  • Drive network performance improvements for on-premises, cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.
  • Troubleshoot quickly and effectively with visibility into the end-user experience for web and SaaS applications.
  • Facilitate file, email and application server consolidation by cutting complexity while improving user experiences.
  • Deliver consistent performance to remote users and distributed workforces.
  • Reduce risk by allowing rapid and resilient data-center-to-datacenter replication and backup.
  • Simplify management and free up resources with end-to-end managed services.

Why Verizon

As your one-stop shop for managed virtual network services, we make it easy to get the agility, flexibility and performance you need to meet the rapidly changing demands of business. Verizon is recognized as a leader in delivering networking, security and cloud solutions that provide game-changing virtualization initiatives for the modern, hyper-connected world.

We have a rich ecosystem of vendors for providing the virtual network functions you need. With our experience managing over 400,000 security, network and hosting devices, and over 4,000 customer networks in 150+ countries, you can have confidence in our ability to smooth your transition to virtual network services. And you can rely on us to deliver the end-to-end managed services that will help you create an agile, high-performing network that can help you better innovate, get to market sooner and beat the competition.

Drive improvements in application performance, user experiences and bandwidth usage.

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To find out how you can gain the agility, flexibility and high performance your network needs to respond to the fast-changing needs of business, contact your Verizon account representative or visit the Virtual Network Services – WAN Optimization product page to learn more.