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Wireless ATMs & Kiosks Factsheet

Learn how your company can generate new revenue through the use of wireless ATMs and kiosks with Verizon Enterprise Solutions. Create new revenue opportunities, today.

Higher traffic leads to higher sales. Use self-service ATMs, kiosks and signage to generate new revenue.

As a service-oriented business, you’re constantly looking for new ways to generate revenue, improve customer satisfaction and decrease operational costs. Adding self-service business applications, such as wireless ATMs, kiosks and digital signage, into your operations can help you create new revenue opportunities and deliver better customer experiences.

WWAN broadband routers and Verizon Machine to Machine Services enable you to deploy portable ATMs, kiosks and digital signage quickly, giving you a secure, managed connection to back-end systems. You can place ATMs and kiosks in strategic, high-traffic areas within your operations to make services more convenient and accessible to your customers. Digital signage can be added in select locations to inform customers about sales promotions and special deals. And you can use your own equipment for these deployments or partner with third-party providers for installation.

Using self-service business applications offers your operations a number of benefits. Equipment and network access costs are reduced, as a bank of ATMs, kiosks or signs may share the same WWAN modem and machine-to-machine (M2M) connection. In addition, any of these applications can be deployed anywhere there’s Verizon Wireless data coverage and an electrical outlet, giving you flexibility in how and where you place them.

The benefits of self-service business applications

  • Create position flexibility and control. Businesses can install or relocate ATMs, kiosks or signs in areas without wireline access and still maintain a connection to critical systems.
  • Improve customer access. ATMs and kiosks can be located in high-traffic areas, which meets customers’ expectations for 24/7 access to services.
  • Install at a lower cost. No wires needed for Internet connectivity to ATM/kiosk/signage.
  • Generate new revenue opportunities. New installations of ATMs and kiosks in remote, temporary or high-traffic areas will attract new customers who need self-services.
  • Improve customer loyalty. Adding ATMs and kiosks provides opportunities for your business to offer value-added services that help drive customer loyalty.
  • Increase sales from existing customers. Digital signage placed in strategic locations alerts customers about sales, specials and other promotions, which can lead to more sales.


Wireless ATM/kiosk/digital signage deployments and Verizon Machine to Machine Services allow business operators, banks and retailers to deploy self-service capabilities almost anywhere. This flexible, secure and truly mobile approach to ATM and kiosk deployment enables service-oriented businesses to deliver self-service capabilities where your company needs them the most.

Wirelessly deploying ATMs and kiosks can help service-oriented companies boost sales, conduct more transactions, control operating costs and improve customer satisfaction levels.

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