Verizon and Baltimore Ravens team up for
virtual draft.

The Baltimore Ravens football team used Verizon One
Talk to stay on top of fast-moving trades during the
league’s virtual draft.


people watched the draft over three days


One Talk kit solution


new draftees and families


  • The draft could not be conducted in person because of COVID-19 pandemic regulations; instead, like other general managers, the Ravens GM had to coordinate with player personnel, the league commissioner and player support to submit the team’s selections through a virtual draft
  • The Ravens had to coordinate over 50 draftee and family video feeds live with the commissioner’s basement office in Bronxville, NY
  • The team needed to place fast, coordinated calls between teams to make trade deals in real time while on the draft clock


  • Verizon provided the Ravens with six One Talk lines used as designated trade lines with other teams during the draft; this allowed a single phone number to ring across multiple devices, including desk phones, PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Verizon provided a One Talk kit—which consisted of three flat-screen TVs, three One Talk handsets, a headset, computer keyboard, wireless mouse, and state-of-the-art services—to teams and the commissioner
  •  Verizon also provided cellular routers used as internet backup for 23 other teams


  • The One Talk solution and other communications equipment from Verizon helped the virtual draft operate smoothly
  • The first-ever virtual draft had the highest ratings ever with over 50 million people watching over a three-day period
  •  The Ravens were able to make key trades to secure desired players

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