D-Link Corporation
helps protect
information with
Secure Cloud

D-link Corporation was able
to quickly leverage Amazon
Web Services (AWS) Direct
Connect for their production
and development activities.


D-Link Corporation required  secure access to AWS Direct Connect, while maintaining the ability to scale bandwidth

  • Needed to quickly implement a solution providing secure access to AWS Direct Connect.
  • Wanted to limit capital expenditures and other resources devoted to deployment.
  • Solution had to maintain ability to rapidly scale bandwidth.


We helped protect customer and corporate information with Secure Cloud Interconnect.

  • Secure Cloud Interconnect reliably connected AWS Direct Connect in Asia Pacific from their Verizon Private IP network.
  • Private connections provided high performance and security.


Verizon helped D-Link Corporation deploy, manage and maintain the solution without large capital expenditures.  

  • Quickly and simply leveraged AWS Direct Connect for their production and development activities.
  • Supported dynamic spikes in application use with scalable bandwidth to enable rapid adaptation to market conditions.
  • Retained the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the cloud with scalable bandwidth.

How we built the solution.

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