Utility’s communications power up productivity.

Solution meets data center application demand across corporate landscape.


The organization needed a cohesive technology strategy to match its rapidly growing needs.

  • Lacked scalable, secure access to field service collaboration tools
  • Had insufficient data storage for project workspaces and analytics
  • Needed agile and mobile tools to engage customers at time of outage
  • Faced with new cybersecurity threats due to information and operational technology convergence


Our solutions helped the utility expand its communications and collaboration capabilities.

  • Added data center connectivity via MPLS and IP Trunking
  • Used Secure Cloud Interconnect to provide seamless, secure access to Microsoft Office 365 and Sharepoint
  • Deployed comprehensive Threat Intel and Response capabilities


The utility was able to begin driving digital transformation across its workplace while keeping its infrastructure secure.

  • Improved access to collaborative tools to drive better productivity
  • Created pathways for innovation with partners to co-develop new SaaS industry tools
  • Expanded cloud services to drive further efficiencies within IoT and data analytics

How we built the solution.

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