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Fox unites 5G and sports broadcasting for an immersive
live experience

  • Challenge

  • Competition for viewers is fierce. Fox Sports wants to lead the pack with next-generation technologies that will deliver immersive experiences and engage and delight viewers by uniting 5G and entertainment.

    Broadcasting live events requires high bandwidth, expensive equipment, unique network capabilities and many days of pre-production work.

    Livestream coverage demands intensive on-field production management, adding to production costs.

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    • 5G allows us to bring better quality images faster to the consumer in a more mobile application. And in doing that, we’re really providing better context to sporting events—better angles, better views and higher quality to improve the viewing experience, whether in the stadium or at your home.
    • Brad Cheney
      VP, Field Operations & Engineering,
      Fox Sports

    • Solution

      Uniting 5G and sports and entertainment requires unique solutions.

      5G Ultra Wideband and Nationwide 5G, as well as step down to Verizon 4G LTE, deliver the bandwidth needed for Fox Sports to live stream immersive live events.

      5G Ultra Wideband relays video feeds wirelessly, reducing the need for complicated equipment routed through broadcast trucks.

      Video feeds route to the cloud for processing and production, which decreases the need for an extensive crew of onsite production managers.

    • Outcome

      The combinations of 5G and sports and 5G and entertainment are a revolution for live TV.

      A roaming film crew can capture exciting, live moments without the burden of unwieldy cables and overhead wires.

      Use of Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband reduces setup time by more than a third. Production crews can ramp up in just two days instead of the usual seven, depending on the event.

      Verizon’s deployment in the cloud reduces need for production personnel and reduces related costs.

      During the 2021 Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden, a 5G-equipped arena, viewers got a unique “leanin experience” that used dynamic camera angles and live metrics to place them in the heart of the action.

    • These are consumer available networks we’re using ... if you find 5G in your area, you could do this. We’re now in an age of adoption and use versus testing and trials. And I think that’s a really big step forward for 5G and for Verizon.
    • Brad Cheney
      VP, Field Operations & Engineering,
      Fox Sports

    • How we built the solution

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