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    5G Nationwide

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    5G Ultra Wideband

    Enable transformative business use cases from autonomous machines to augmented and virtual reality experiences to massive IoT.

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  • 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) available only in parts of select cities. 5G UWB access requires a 5G capable device with select voice/data & 5G UWB plans. 5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities.

5G solutions for your complex business needs

  • Improving business intelligence

  • Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband provides high speed, low latency and massive capacity, so when you use it to connect your devices, you’ll be able to access more data more quickly. But 5G doesn’t just mean more, it can also mean better—such as better insights and better efficiency.

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  • IoT deployments

    In the future, 5G could help you increase the number of connected devices on your network. And the more devices you have, the more data you can collect that provides insights into the overall health of your business.

  • Insights

    Combining 5G, edge computing and IoT can help generate business intelligence in near real time, empowering you to make as-it-happens business decisions and drive powerful outcomes.

  • Efficiency

    With all the actionable business intelligence generated by your IoT deployment, you could identify areas for improvement and create a more efficient business environment.

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  • 5G and IoT: The future of efficiency

    5G is expected to impact IoT, driving cost, availability and scalability efficiencies that in turn should accelerate adoption and innovation.

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  • Enabling agility via automation

  • Keeping your business competitive means trying new things and exploring different ways of doing business. 5G can help businesses adopt automation, remote control applications and more that will help change the way business gets done for the better.

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  • Automation

    Combining emerging sense-and-detect technologies with 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC) can help enable technologies throughout your whole business.

  • Robotics

    5G and edge computing can also help enable the seamless integration of robotics into a business, creating efficiencies from the factory floor to retail experiences and beyond.

  • Agility

    Businesses need increased agility and efficiency now more than ever before, and using the power of 5G to automate operations can give businesses the flexibility they need to innovate in new and improved ways.

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  • 5G business innovations

    Discover how businesses can adopt technology that will empower the new possibilities that tomorrow’s world will demand.

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  • Evolving customer experiences

  • With so many businesses vying for shoppers’ attention, attracting new customers while retaining loyalty among existing ones is more critical than ever. 5G opens new possibilities to transform the customer relationship by empowering businesses to design experiences that are more immersive, connected and elevated.

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  • Immersive

    Businesses that continuously evolve to put the customer right in the middle of their interactions can help increase brand loyalty.

  • Connected

    5G can help deliver powerful connected retail experiences where customers can engage in immersive content and bridge online and in-person shopping.

  • Elevated

    When it comes to live events, utilizing the performance of 5G Ultra Wideband and multi-access edge computing (MEC) can create new engaging and memorable experiences for customers.

  • a man virtually trying on clothes at a store window
  • Mapping the 5G impact in the retail industry

    5G deployments can help you deliver physical and virtual products and services that set you apart in the eyes of your customers.

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  • Enhancing workforce productivity

  • Employees increasingly want the freedom to work flexibly, but businesses can’t afford to sacrifice productivity for workforce agility. That’s where 5G comes in. Through reliable and fast connectivity,  primary or backup network access, and more, 5G Business Internet can help keep your remote workforce productive.

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  • Mobility

    From virtual meeting platforms to remote-controlled robotics and beyond, the low latency and high performance of 5G can power productivity tools that help support your mobile workforce.

  • Collaboration

    5G can make it possible to leverage augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and other interactive platforms to  blur the lines between in-person and remote collaboration.

  • Accessibility

    A common hurdle for a mobile workforce is accessing and sharing work files in different locations, but a reliable 5G connection can make it possible to upload or download very large files faster.

  • a woman using a laptop and analyzing reports
  • 5G business implications: How 5G will impact business

    Network performance directly affects productivity. With the right network technology, your employees can be more productive—which can boost your bottom line.

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  • Up business performance and agility with 5G Edge.

    Verizon 5G Edge brings massive computing power closer to where your people work. Discover how connecting your mobile devices with the faster speeds and low latency of mobile edge computing (MEC) can lead to higher workforce productivity and flexibility.

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    future with 5G.

    5G promises to shake things up across virtually every industry, including yours. See how in our latest use cases.

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  • 1America’s best and most reliable network based on rankings from the RootMetrics US National RootScore Report 1H 2021. Tested with the best commercially available smartphones on 3 national mobile networks across all available network types combined. Not a specific finding as to 5G networks.

    2Global claim from May 2020, based on Opensignal independent analysis of mobile measurements recorded during the period January 31 – April 30, 2020 © 2021 Opensignal Limited.