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Get ultra-fast, ultra-simple wireless 5G Business Internet powered by 5G Ultra Wideband.* Starting at $69/mo.

Experience the power of 5G.

5G Business Internet

Get ultra-fast, ultra-simple wireless internet powered by 5G Ultra Wideband.*

5G business devices

Explore our collection of 5G devices, so you can put the Verizon 5G network to work for your business or agency.

Business Unlimited plans

Get our best Business Unlimited plans ever. With 5G Ultra Wideband on Business Unlimited Plus and Business Unlimited Pro plans.*

5G Ultra Wideband availability

Check if Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is available near your business, organization or agency.

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Your Verizon. To the test.

Test Force is a team of Verizon engineers committed to ensuring the best experience for our customers. When it comes to your network, we don’t compromise on reliability.

The force behind our reliability

Meet the nationwide team responsible for testing our network to ensure it’s ready for all the ways and places our customers use it.

Seamless surfside connections

To make sure our customers can surf their inboxes with their toes in the sand, we had our Test Force head to the Beach Office.

Coverage in the clouds

Ever try to post a video from 1,353 feet? We did. When visitors need their vertigo-inducing selfies, even skyscrapers need to be tested.

Cruising around Port Miami

Learn how our network supports Verizon customers aboard ships to ensure they can post, stream and download their vacation content before setting foot on land.

Verizon powers on-field NFL coach‑to‑coach communication.

All 30 NFL stadiums rely on a Managed Private Wireless Solution from Verizon for the speed, security and reliability they need for on-field coach‑to‑coach communication. Read the case study.

5G solutions. Built for more

Verizon 5G Edge

Enhance applications by hosting them at the edge of our secure network—closer to your devices and endpoints for faster collection, processing and analysis of data.

5G Public Sector innovations

To learn about our 5G solutions for federal agencies, state and local governments, public safety agencies and educational institutions, call 1-844-899-0685.

5G use cases

From customer experience and business intelligence to autonomous machines, see how 5G will change operations across industries.



    • Explore the Innovation Labs.

    • Discover the art of the practical and how to apply connected emerging technologies.

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  • thor desktop 385x240

    THOR: Bringing
    5G where it
    matters most.

    Sit behind the wheel of THOR, Verizon's rapid response command center that can deploy under almost any conditions with its own mobile network.

  • accelerated access desktop 386x240

    Accelerated Access: 5G and the future of facial recognition.

    See how 5G could change the game for contactless experiences for businesses across the country.

  • crowd analytics desktop

    Crowd Analytics: Reimagining the fan experience.

    See how Crowd Analytics, powered by Verizon 5G, is digitizing physical space to help fans find the shortest lines.

  • virtualmobile desktop 328x243

    Mobile Virtual Production: Bringing Hollywood to you.

    See how Verizon 5G is changing the world of production with XR Stage, one of the most sophisticated content capture stages ever created.



    • Level up your
      business with 5G.

  • Improving business

    Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband provides high speed, low latency and massive capacity. So you can access more data faster, for better insights and efficiency.*

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  • IoT deployments

    5G can help increase the number of connected devices on your network. More devices means more data—and better business insights.

  • Insights

    Combining 5G, edge computing and IoT can help generate business intelligence in near real time—to drive better business decisions.

  • Efficiencies

    The business intelligence generated by your IoT deployment could help you identify areas for improvement and create business efficiencies.

  • Enabling agility
    via automation.

    5G can help businesses adopt automation and remote control applications—to help keep your business competitive.

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  • Automation

    Combining emerging sense-and-detect technologies with 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC) can help enable technologies businesswide.

  • Robotics

    5G and edge computing can help enable the seamless integration of robotics, creating efficiencies from the factory floor to retail and beyond.

  • Agility

    Automating operations with the power of 5G can give businesses increased agility, flexibility to innovate and greater efficiencies.

  • Evolving customer

    5G can help transform the customer relationship by empowering businesses to design experiences that are more immersive, connected and elevated.

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  • Immersive

    Businesses that continuously strive to elevate customer needs and improve customer interactions can help increase brand loyalty.

  • Connected

    5G can help deliver powerful connected retail experiences with immersive content and by bridging online and in-person shopping.

  • Elevated

    5G Ultra Wideband and multi-access edge computing (MEC) can help create engaging, memorable customer experiences during live events.

    5G Ultra Wideband available in select areas.
  • Enhancing workforce

    5G Business internet can help keep your remote workforce productive—with reliable and fast connectivity, primary or backup network access and more.

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  • Mobility

    From virtual meetings to remote-controlled robotics and more, low-latency, high-performance 5G can power tools to support your mobile workforce.

  • Collaboration

    5G can enable augmented reality, virtual reality and other interactive platforms to blur the lines between in-person and remote collaboration.

  • Accessibility

    A reliable 5G connection can make uploading and downloading large files faster, to help mobile workforces collaborate across locations.

  • †Most reliable 5G network based on more first place rankings in RootMetrics® 5G data reliability assessments of 125 metro markets conducted in 1H 2023. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on three national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. RootMetrics rankings are not an endorsement of Verizon.

    •5G Ultra Wideband available in select areas.