Global computer tech leader improves transaction efficiency.

With a simplified network infrastructure, this tech firm reduced costs and refocused its time and effort improving customer experiences.


An outdated network was holding back the tech firm and damaging both efficiency and customer experiences.

  • Legacy equipment contributed to high network costs
  • Inefficient call routing increased customer wait times and slowed sales productivity
  • In-house IT staff managed a 150-route network with dated spreadsheets


Our professional services expertise and communications technology streamlined the tech firm’s network.

  • Simplified infrastructure with Voice over IP and MPLS
  • Enabled IT to easily manage and configure network resources
  • Applied our expertise to complex route modifications


With our help, the company reduced costs, empowered its IT staff and decreased customer call wait times.

  • 50% reduction in unused toll-free numbers
  • 10 million+ small to medium businesses supported
  • 150 routes replaced with two basic super routes

How we built the solution.

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