Global media firm streams content from the cloud to reduce latency.

Cloud-based streaming services reduce latency, scale to viewership demand.


The company couldn’t implement rapid, high-quality streaming using its current IT resources.

  • The market was moving rapidly toward internet content delivery
  • Developing in-house technology expertise and infrastructure was not a strategic imperative
  • Building capacity to accommodate occasional viewing peaks wasn’t cost effective


Verizon Digital Media Services helped the company with IT capacity planning to cost-effectively handle periods of peak viewership and deliver high-quality, low-latency streaming.

  • Engaged Verizon Digital Media Services to deliver content to the edge of the internet
  • Added Uplynk to stream content via TV Everywhere
  • Automatically scaled to meet viewership demand in near real time


Now the content provider can scale capacity on demand and comply with programming rights to give viewers access to popular content.

  • 500 million hours of content streamed annually
  • 1 million+ simultaneous viewers served at streaming peak
  • 1 streaming workflow to manage

How we built the solution.

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