Terminal operator unifies global network.

Reliable connectivity simplifies communications across three continents.


The operator’s outdated network could no longer support current business needs.

  • Traditional, old-fashioned PBX system could not support a high level of global collaboration
  • Internet use had outgrown available bandwidth
  • Employee and customer interaction with web apps and internet portals had to be secure
  • Current network was not cost-efficient


Our solution helped create a more efficient, productive and modern network.

  • Verizon provided employees with Skype for Business, working closely with local providers
  • The new internet platform has U.S. and Europe pillars, and each serves as back-up for the other
  • Verizon designed, deployed and continues to manage the centralized network with a unified SD WAN


The IT department is relieved of network management burdens while increased bandwidth and reliable internet connectivity help improve employee productivity.

  • 1,000 employees around the world
  • 300 chemical and petro-chemical customers
  • 14 terminals on three continents

How we built the solution.

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