Global travel company leverages cloud to improve shopping experience and security.

Secure Cloud Interconnect helps eliminate bottlenecks,
bump up bookings.


The company needed more agile global travel solutions, including fast connections to cloud service providers (CSPs) so it could securely deliver services to customers across a global network.

  • Keeping a competitive advantage depended on new cloud strategy and customer data security
  • Developers needed access to multiple CSPs
  • Customers expected fast, consistent shopping experiences across their devices


Secure, streamlined cloud connectivity and segmented networks helps the company put a better shopping experience in the hands of its customers.

  • Implemented Secure Cloud Interconnect to connect multiple CSPs and nodes without building more infrastructure
  • Expanded MPLS network to support traffic to and from data centers
  • Segmented private and public data to provide security without doubling infrastructure
  • Speeded development by allowing teams to choose a CSP without reconfiguring or rebuilding networks


With Secure Cloud Interconnect, data traffic flows quickly to eliminate network bottlenecks, improve performance and increase bookings.

  • Added 170+ connections between cloud nodes and service providers
  • Saw an 8% growth per month in supported traffic
  • Implemented one cloud infrastructure for 15 cities around the world

How we built the solution.

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