Toymaker unifies communications to scale service.

Cloud-based solutions help toymaker meet 300% increase in holiday demand.


The manufacturer struggled to handle staff growth and a ten-fold traffic increase during the holidays.

  • They were paying for peak resources during off-peak periods
  • Call center and ecommerce solutions were not integrated and were hard to manage
  • Holiday demand required a 300% increase in staff each season


Cloud-based solutions from Verizon helped the manufacturer handle the flux.

  • Virtual Contact Center routes calls to remote agents
  • Near real-time adjustments to Interactive Voice Response can direct callers to the website in peak periods
  • Agents can now access advanced cloud-based communication tools
  • Virtual Contact Center scales with pay-as-you-go service


The manufacturer can now look forward to the holidays with better customer service and a more flexible infrastructure.

  • Implemented easily scaled, cloud-based services without large capital investment
  • Increased productivity with efficient routing that lead to more answered calls
  • Simplified infrastructure with integrated voice, chat, mail and customer database
  • Delivered consistent customer experiences during holiday call spikes

How we built the solution.

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