Tool company secures network with cloud solution.

Blended networking and cloud solutions boost productivity, secure data.


Employees at this tool company couldn’t easily access the tools they needed. That slowed productivity and threatened quality customer service.

  • Increase employee collaboration and productivity by deploying Microsoft Exchange and Amazon Web Services globally
  • Maintain excellent customer service response times
  • Provide world-class network security for customer and employees


We helped the company blend private networking and cloud solutions into a seamless experience for employees.

  • Secure Cloud Interconnect enabled private connections, completely separated from public internet traffic
  • The company obtained the performance and security of Private IP with the flexibility and cost-efficiency of the cloud


The improved networking solution helped boost productivity and keep data more secure.

  • Shrank turnaround time for bandwidth changes
  • Reduced email delivery time in Asia Pacific region
  • Improved network security by keeping company and customer info off the public internet

How we built the solution.

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