Lower Brule 
Indian Reservation
and wireless
monitoring systems.

The South Dakota reservation
wanted to conserve its water
resources and reduce cost.



The reservation wanted to better conserve its water resources and reduce truck rolls to repair equipment.

  • Local Brule has limited water resources and needs to identify and manage high-usage customers, leaks and free-flowing taps where water is lost or wasted.
  • It managed tank and pipeline meters that were often placed up to 60 miles apart and located in very remote homesteads and pasture lands.


Using remote-monitoring solutions from Verizon, the Lower Brule reservation was able to more efficiently manage its water systems and usage.

  • The reservation added 4G LTE connectivity to water meters through out its system, which allowed the meters to capture and deliver usage data.
  • The system transmitted daily water-meter readings during low-usage hours and more frequently during high-usage periods.


With the remote monitors in place, the reservation could spot potential issues much faster, plus learn exactly how much water it uses.

  • Identified 20 free-flowing pasture taps within 24 hours of installation
  • Facilitated maintenance by directing personnel to leak areas along 500 miles of pipeline
  • Mitigated the risks of running out of water by proactively managing tank levels to handle heavy water users

How we built the solution.

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