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Phoenix Suns pair 5G and MEC for a winning experience.

The Phoenix Suns are using Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband to help rack up wins, keep fans engaged and remain at the forefront of sports innovation. This is Enterprise Intelligence.

Leading the league in innovation

In three years, the Suns have reversed their win-loss record, going from 19-63 to 64-18. Coaches have real-time data to help improve player performance, and the Suns’ marketing team is using data to enhance the fan experience.

Talented and hardworking players and coaches deserve much of the credit. But also, a franchise-wide dedication to innovation has inspired cutting-edge apps and smart use of Verizon 5G to supercharge the organization. It’s what we call Enterprise Intelligence.

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Facing stiff competition

Skeletal image on screen

On the court

Competing at a championship level in the NBA requires everyone in an organization to operate at peak performance. The team needed a modern training facility—a living lab—that would allow coaches and athletes to collect data during practices and turn it into game-changing insights. The Suns’ previous practice facility had just four cameras and a slow network. Systems weren’t interconnected, and insights suffered.

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In the seats

The Suns needed to draw fans in and keep them engaged, both in the arena and at home. Phoenix has no shortage of sports teams and cultural events to take the attention of potential Suns fans. So the franchise understood the importance of offering a great experience. Plus, the team wanted better ways to connect with a growing global fan base.

A 5G arena fit for one of sports’ most innovative franchises

The Suns have embraced 5G in multiple ways. In their new practice facility, the Verizon 5G Performance Center, that means 5G Ultra Wideband and mobile edge computing (MEC) to power cutting-edge applications. In the Footprint Center, that means 5G Ultra Wideband to support a thrilling fan experience.

The new practice facility—the Verizon 5G Performance Center—uses more than 150 cameras and sensors embedded in the walls and ceiling to capture every movement of every player during every drill and scrimmage. Meanwhile, 5G Ultra Wideband powers arena connectivity that can keep up with the demands of today’s fans.

“With Verizon, their approach has always been we can do it, fast. If it’s a connectivity issue, that’s easy. If it’s a technology issue, that’s easy.”

—James Jones, General Manager, Phoenix Suns


Inside the Verizon 5G Performance Center


cameras and sensors


degree view of a player

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Real-time data access

  • Turning data into dunks

    The Verizon 5G Performance Center provides the data that helps inform players, coaches, trainers and front-office staff on ways to improve team performance.

The Suns and Verizon combined ball-tracking, player and biometrics data into a single app that helps players adjust their shot, footwork and exercise techniques to give them an edge.

“We can track where we run on the court, how fast we’re going, so if I’m not getting to the corner where I’m supposed to be, they can tell me if I’m wasting too much energy on X, Y, Z aspect of the game. Because in the NBA, energy is currency.”

—Cameron Johnson, Forward, Phoenix Suns

Player and ball-tracking sensors can help coaches monitor practices in real time and let them compare against historical data to make strategy adjustments.

 “Verizon has helped push us to a degree of technological advancement within our facility that just isn’t seen in sports.” 

—Ryan Resch, Vice President of Basketball Strategy and Evaluation, Phoenix Suns 

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Fan experience

A new app helps connect with fans both inside and outside the Footprint Center, giving them access to multiple camera angles as well as real-time performance stats and insights.

“One of the things we learned last year is that we have a huge global fan population,” said Tramon Thomas, Vice President of Brand Digital and Social for the team. That made the app all the more important.

Now fans in the stands and at home almost anywhere around the world can see the same data the Suns’ coaches use to guide their team to victory.

“The basketball fan is more sophisticated than ever, so data analytics and insights are more important than ever. Being able to provide that with speed and in real time is critical.”

—Tramon Thomas, Vice President of Brand Digital and Social, Phoenix Suns

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