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Prosegur scaling securely, reliably with LTE Business Internet from Verizon

  • Introduction

  • In the world of private security, every second counts. The smallest lapse in monitoring can make all the difference in identifying a security breach, stopping a thief or preventing a catastrophic accident.

    Prosegur is a security company with 40 years of experience helping businesses mitigate security risk. They know that to stay ahead of the game, they must constantly innovate, develop and test new technologies to create and offer the best solutions for their customers.

    The team at Prosegur helps organizations large and small solve their security challenges by designing custom security programs, often including systems for surveillance, access control and mobile monitoring. Offering what the company terms “hybrid security,” Prosegur seeks to design and build products that provide guarding solutions through advanced technology.

    “Innovation is a focus of ours at Prosegur,” said Gregory Kuhn, Director of IoT for Prosegur. “We’re always working with our customers to go out and find new solutions to problems that haven’t been solved yet.”

    A longtime security solutions leader in Europe, Prosegur moved into the U.S. market in 2019 with the goal of expansion and growth. Gaining a foothold in a new market presented a series of fresh challenges for the company, including the demand for internet connectivity in remote places where a wired connection could be too costly or even impossible to install.

    To serve these customers, the company’s technology teams developed Prosegur Watchtower, a wireless product that combines high resolution cameras, video analytics, network connectivity and audio capabilities into one easy-to-deploy package.

    Featuring a pole-mounted security camera system that transmits continual video, data and two-way audio to a remote monitoring center, Prosegur Watchtower employs an onboard wireless router and is powered by reliable recharging solar panels and a battery pack that can run for up to five days without sunlight or recharging.

    “The cameras we utilize have built-in intelligence and analytics.,” said John Feehan, Director of Mobile Surveillance for Prosegur. “Traditionally, cameras in the past just recorded what was in front of them and couldn’t send instant notifications on activity in their field of view. Our Watchtower solution uses this kind of intelligence to transmit warnings and alerts when trespassers are on site. This allows our monitoring center, the iSOC, to be extremely proactive in our response.”

    But after planting its flag in the U.S. market, the team at Prosegur soon discovered that not all business internet providers offered the same level of connectivity and service. Planning to scale quickly in the American market, the decision makers at Prosegur knew they needed a connectivity partner they could grow with and not be forced to switch back and forth between carriers because of poor performance.

  • John Feehan, Director of Mobile Surveillance, Prosegur

  • Beginning quotation mark  One of the first things we talk to our customers about is our commitment to using high quality components, including our internet service.”

    John Feehan, Director of Mobile Surveillance, Prosegur

  • High-tech solutions demand a signal that’s strong and consistent

  • Finding a partner that could provide reliable, uninterrupted connectivity became a top priority for Prosegur as it advanced the development of its high tech, wireless security offerings.

    “With the Watchtower solution in particular, we can’t have dead spots where we operate,” said Mike Dunn, Chief Technology Officer for Prosegur. “This is a big country. We need extensive coverage so we can get that video back to the monitoring center where we’re watching it and alerting the guards on site to react to it. So, for us, connectivity was everything.”

    According to Dunn, just having continual connectivity isn’t all that’s required. For Prosegur, a steady, powerful signal also is needed.

    “Just having a connection isn’t good enough. You need a solid connection,” he said. “You need great bandwidth.

    “When we’re dealing with break-ins, perimeter breaches or any kind of security threats, every ounce of detail matters. Knowing distinguishable features versus blurred can make a big difference when you’re pursuing that case afterwards.”

    • Prosegur finds the connectivity it requires with LTE Business Internet

    • Prosegur found what it was looking for with Verizon. LTE Business Internet from Verizon combines compatible wireless routers with connectivity on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, providing fast, flexible and reliable service that works right out of the box. It proved to be the perfect mobility solution to keep Prosegur’s Watchtower product up and running, even in remote areas of the country and under harsh weather conditions.

      Reliability and signal strength are hallmarks of LTE Business Internet from Verizon.

      Beginning quotation mark  We found exactly what we wanted. We found a carrier that can handle the bandwidth we needed to push four or six cameras worth of high-definition video back to our command center. That was the challenge, and fortunately we found a good partner in Verizon to handle that.”

      — Mike Dunn, Chief Technology Office, Prosegur

      “We are growing in the U.S. still. We’re big, but we want to be bigger,” Dunn said. “When looking at carriers and looking at partners, we want to find someone that can grow with us and scale to our needs. Verizon’s an obvious choice with that in mind. Verizon is big. Verizon knows how to scale.”

  • Prosegur Watchtower technology that includes multiple security camera systems
    • Mike Dunn, Chief Technology Office, Prosegur

    • Beginning quotation mark  When we’re dealing with break-ins, perimeter breaches or any kind of security threats, every ounce of detail matters. Knowing distinguishable features versus blurred can make a big difference when you’re pursuing that case afterwards.”

      Mike Dunn, Chief Technology Office, Prosegur

    • Powerful, reliable connectivity attracts new customers, allowing Prosegur to grow confidently

    • Now having adopted LTE Business Internet as its best solution to service its customers, the team at Prosegur trusts it has the connectivity it needs to address a growing demand for wireless security technology.

      With LTE Business Internet, products such as Prosegur Watchtower are performing at peak efficiency, sending continuous, powerful signals back to Prosegur’s U.S.-based control center.

      Prosegur is moving forward confidently knowing it has the connectivity partner that can scale to its needs.

      “When we’re doing a sales pitch, one of the first things we talk to our customers about is our commitment to using high quality components that we use in our products, including our internet service,” Feehan said. “They might not know Prosegur now, but they recognize Verizon as a company, as trusted and reliable.

      “And it’s almost like an ‘ah-ha’ moment. I often ask during a sales pitch, ‘Do you use Verizon on your phone? Can you make a personal call from here?’ If they say yes, I say my camera system will work because we’re using the exact same network.”

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    • LTE Business Internet is available within the U.S. on Verizon's 4G LTE network. Compatible LTE-enabled router required (Verizon-provided or Customer-provided). Terms apply.

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