Sanitas delivers cost-effective healthcare.

New network empowers
doctors to provide stellar
patient communication.


The medical center struggled with improving communications while staying on budget.

  • Control costs while delivering an accessible, productive patient experience
  • Maintain high-quality phone service at a cost-effective price
  • Develop an implementation model to support medical centers rollout


Sanitas was able to cost-effectively meet business goals.

  • Verizon designed a cost-effective network for Sanitas
  • Provisioned cell phones and backup circuits helped meet communications requirements
  • WebEx Cloud Connected Audio helped facilitate care delivery
  • Managed Network Services and dedicated Project Manager provided additional support to the IT team


With a new network, Sanitas improved the patient experience with better access to online scheduling, educational webinars and telemedicine.

  • Facilitated patient-physician communication with reliable, high quality circuits
  • Implemented cost-effective toll-free phone services
  • Acquired network expertise to keep internal IT resources focused on business goals

How we built the solution.

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