• How fine is a fine-tooth comb?

    Check, double check, triple check—no matter how closely we review our data, something inevitably gets through. That’s why we’ve created this corrections page, which identifies errors found to date and their fixes.

    Full Report (PDF)

    • On page 118, "Kasperksy Labs" has been replaced with "Kaspersky"
    • On page 118, "MWR InfoSecurity" has been replaced with "F-Secure (formerly MWR InfoSecurity)" 
    • On page 119, The Kaspersky Logo has been updated 
    • On page 119, The MWR InfoSecurity logo has been replaced with the F-Secure logo 
    • On page 119, the Hyderabad Security logo has been updated
    • On page 98, paragraph 1, (It's the law - or not.), ", Brazil (whose data protection law is only effective since February 2020)," should be removed. Reason: Brazil's data protection law is not yet effective.