Insider Threat Report

How to fight back when
good guys go bad

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  • Fight the enemy within

    Insider cybersecurity incidents—perpetrated by employees, contractors, interns and leaders within an organization—are real and can quickly destroy businesses of all sizes and industries. Because internal threat actors operate from a position of trust, they can circumvent security without being discovered until months or years later.

    The Insider Threat Report 2019 provides detailed insights on five main causes of internal data breaches so you can strengthen your cybersecurity protections and reduce the risk of valuable assets being compromised from within your business. Are you ready?

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  • Shut down insider threats.

  • Cyberattack surfaces are growing as IT becomes more complex, companies rely more on contractors and employees face financial strains. The team that brought you the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report shares 11 countermeasures to help mitigate insider threats before they cripple your business


of database breaches involved insider threats within an organization.


of cybersecurity incidents and 15% of data breaches are due to misuse of privileges.


of internal actors are not in positions with a high level of access or stature.


of insider and privilege misuse breaches were uncovered using fraud detection.

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