The mobile threat

Mobile Security Index
2020 Report

  • The usual suspects—phishing, ransomware and malware—remain a worry, but cybercriminals aren’t standing still. They are getting increasingly creative at finding new ways to fool users, break through companies’ defenses and compromise organizations' systems and cloud-based apps.

    More organizations were hit.

  • Compiling the data for this report, we found that 39% of organizations admitted to suffering a security compromise involving a mobile device—up from 33% in the 2019 report and 27% in our first report.

    Again, the consequences of mobile compromises were shown to be severe and far-reaching. Of those that had suffered a compromise, 66% said the impact was major and 36% said it had lasting repercussions.

    A mobile security breach can have serious financial implications and do lasting damage to your brand. And it’s not always easy to bounce back. Thirty-seven percent of those that were hit said that remediation was difficult and expensive.

  • Mobile devices have rapidly replaced the personal computer at home and in the workplace. Our phones or tablets are in fact mini-computers, and should be protected as such. They face the same or even more threats than a PC or a laptop.

  • Figure 8
  • It’s not just your data at risk.

    When most people think of cybersecurity compromises, it’s the loss or exposure of data that springs to mind. But it’s much more than a company’s sensitive information that’s at risk. A mobile security compromise can have a range of other consequences, including downtime, supply chain delays, lost business, damage to reputation and regulatory fines.

    In fact, among those in our survey that had experienced a compromise, downtime was even more common as a consequence than loss of data.

    Financial services companies were particularly concerned about this—95% said that their customers expect a reliable service and that even a few minutes of unplanned downtime could have an adverse impact on the company's reputation.

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