Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Deployment Benefits

Software-defined networking: Stay ahead of the competition.

Read our report to gain an insight into the benefits organizations expect to see from software-defined networking (SDN). Our analysis also looks at the challenges that are holding businesses back.

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  • How to get ahead with SDN.

    Large enterprises are under pressure to stay ahead of ever increasing customer expectations and developments in technology. They need to be able to innovate, scale and deploy at speed without incurring high costs. That’s why many organizations are now looking into the benefits of SDN with its promise of elastic, scalable networking and near-real-time service delivery.

    We worked with Longitude, a Financial Times company, to discover the true extent to which organizations are embracing SDN, and their plans for the future. Our report is based on the experiences of 165 senior IT leaders from large organizations in a range of industries and countries. It provides an in-depth analysis of global organizations’ ambitions and challenges around SDN.

    The research found that 15% of organizations have already implemented SDN. And adoption is set to accelerate—with 57% of respondents expecting to have deployed SDN within two years. Read the report for insights into how global enterprises are benefiting from SDN, with real-life examples of successful SDN deployments.

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Discover how organizations around the world are embracing SDN

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    Businesses in APAC are seeking a competitive edge

    APAC is pushing ahead so that it can gain an edge by reacting faster to emerging opportunities—over a quarter (28%) of respondents see this as the most important driver of SDN adoption.

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    SDN adoption in EMEA is set to accelerate

    Organizations in EMEA have so far been slower to embrace SDN. Only 12% have piloted or deployed this technology so far. But that’s about to change. Discover the biggest barriers so you can overcome them and get ahead.

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    North America is leading the way

    Over two-thirds (67%) of North American organizations see their networks as very critical enablers of their business goals. That’s why they’ve been the quickest, so far, to deploy SDN.

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