Verizon Incident Preparedness and Response (VIPR) Report 

Developing a data-driven
incident response plan

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  • Enhancing your response to a data breach

    According to the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, when breaches are successful, time to compromise is typically measured in minutes while time to discovery is often measured in months. It goes without saying that the best scenario is not to be compromised in the first place.

    The Verizon Incident Preparedness and Response (VIPR) Report is a data-driven, scenario-driven approach to understanding and optimizing your incident response plan. Based on data collected from three years of real-world readiness assessments and data breach simulations, the VIPR report provides you the insight, coaching and tools needed to help improve your cybersecurity incident mitigation and response efforts.

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  • Careful planning = effective response

    Drawing on the lessons learned from hundreds of data breach investigations and consulting engagements, the VIPR report offers actionable insights and guided exercises designed to help improve your incident preparation and response programs.  In addition to the 20 key takeaways within the VIPR Report, take its five companion Breach Simulation Kits, and use these to facilitate mock incident tabletop exercises and workshops. These breach simulation exercises can be used to test your IR Plan/Playbooks, train your IR stakeholders, and identify gaps in your incident response process and associated capabilities.


of organizations do not have an efficient IR plan in place


of reviewed plans cited no legal / regulatory requirements for breach notification


of reviewed plans do not fully designate internal IR stakeholders


of reviewed plans do not describe end user security awareness training

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