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Verizon Managed Detection and Response uses advanced technology combined with human expertise to continuously keep you ready for cyber threats.

Solution brief

  • Introduction

  • Cybersecurity breaches can take minutes or less to compromise an organization but often take months to discover.1 Internal defenses and traditional security technologies are no longer enough to detect and respond to advanced threats.

    A new managed service model—Managed Detection and Response (MDR)—can identify known and unknown threats for you by using advanced analytics, industry-leading threat intelligence and proactive threat hunting. It can also take direct action to help mitigate those threats.

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  • Key benefits


    A better approach

    Elevate your security incident identification and containment capabilities with Verizon Managed Detection and Response. It combines Verizon experts with process and industry-leading technology to deliver 24/7 protection in a rapidly deployed and completely cloud-managed model.

    By focusing on risk, MDR helps prioritize and investigate the important events, for rapid response and mitigation of the real threats to your business.


    Faster detection and response

    Logging and security monitoring solutions can create reams of data—making identifying threats a challenge. Finding the abnormal becomes much easier when you can recognize and ignore what’s normal. That is what MDR can do.

    Just as important, MDR can respond to those events for you. Our expert threat hunters, analysts and engineers collaborate with you until threats are remediated. This closed-loop handling can speed time to containment and help reduce risk for your organization.

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  • Verizon Managed Detection and Response combines people, process and technology to help you quickly identify cyberattacks and limit their impact.

  • Simplified security

    Managed Detection and Response features a fully integrated, cloud-based technology stack and Verizon security expertise, allowing you to outsource both infrastructure maintenance and security system management. This means less work for you and a quicker time to value.

    Every component of the service is delivered through Verizon, so you don’t have to manage multiple vendors or worry about integrating platforms.

  • Threat hunting and intelligence

    Verizon's established managed security services team leverages its world-class threat intelligence to better understand threats and rapidly defend against them. Our MDR service processes an estimated 1 million events per second and can put this knowledge to work for you.

  • Verizon's MDR processes an estimated 1 million events per second.

  • A security program that adapts to your environment

    Most importantly, MDR can keep up with your changing business. It offers security as a program—not a one-time project—that is constantly learning and evolving to meet your needs today and in the future. 

    Traditionally, security analysts are constantly triaging events, investigating and responding to important ones and refining their intelligence. Meanwhile, security engineers are configuring, monitoring, adjusting and evaluating the technology that produces relevant events. 

    Managed Detection and Response combines these realms into a single reinforcing and learning program that gets more accurate and powerful as it protects.

    All of this means that you can continually close the gap between detection and response with a program that helps you focus on the threats that matter most to your organization at any time.

  • *In this diagram, the outer loop represents the people of Managed Detection and Response—engineers, threat hunters, content library curators and analysts—and the processes for improving detection and response. The inner loop represents the technologies our experts are continually tuning to better protect an organization’s users, assets and business.

  • Why choose us


    Greater value

    Managed Detection and Response delivers value to your team and your business through:

    • Amplifying your organization's security capabilities
    • More relevant detections through threat intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics
    • A customer-specific program that evolves with your environment through continuous tuning
    • Flexible and tiered full incident response options


    Hunt. Detect. Triage. Respond. Stay ready.

    Protecting your business requires focusing on the alerts that matter and responding rapidly. Outsourced detection and response services can help you do that without burdening  your IT team. Get the capabilities you need to keep up with threats today and tomorrow via Verizon Managed Detection and Response.

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