5G Edge Quality Assurance for Production.

Leverage Private 5G Network connectivity, private mobile edge computing (MEC) and computer vision (CV) technology to help improve efficiency in production operations.

  • Next-gen precision.
    On the production line.

  • Boost

    Increase throughput by quickly detecting product issues on the production line.

  • Catch
    errors faster.

    Tap the power of Private 5G Network1 to monitor production activities and get audiovisual alerts.

  • Control production costs.

    Reduce manual quality assurance and speed up error response times to decrease wastage.

  • Improve the end-user experience.

    Minimize shipments of incorrect or faulty items to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

  • A solution built for better efficiency.

    Get the end-to-end support you need to help design, deliver and manage your quality assurance business solutions.

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vision application.

Capture anomalies detected on video streams from onsite cameras.


Get near real-time performance notifications and periodic operational reports.


Integrate alerts and notifications easily with onsite operational technologies (OT). 2

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Private 5G

Learn how the dynamic, all-in-one business solution of Private 5G Network can help you meet the operational challenges of tomorrow.

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The power
of private MEC.

See how mobile edge computing (MEC) can transform your business by combining a private 5G wireless network with on-premises cloud capabilities.

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5G Edge

Effectively monitor the performance of networks, devices, infrastructure and applications.

  • More ways
    to improve operations.

5G Edge Quality Assurance
for Production

See how leveraging Verizon 5G Edge and private MEC can help improve production operations.

  • 1 Sold separately.

    2 Customers are responsible for integrating with any control systems.