5G Edge Quality Assurance for Production

Detect production anomalies in near real time.

What it is

Combines private mobile edge computing (MEC),¹ computer vision (CV) technology and data streamed through your cameras to help improve production efficiency.

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Continuously monitors raw materials, inputs, work-in progress inventory and finished goods to determine if they’re within your acceptance thresholds.


Provides constant evaluation of goods throughout your production and manufacturing processes.


Send alerts to designated operators if measurements fall outside of or approach predefined threshold limits.²



Increased throughput

Harness the power of 5G and MEC¹ to streamline production processes.

Decreased waste

Help ensure your produced goods meet your exacting standards.

Reduced time

As a professional and managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) service, it can help lessen your quality control burden.

Performance insights

Advanced analytics can help you streamline operations, improve defect detection, detect product line anomalies and analyze the quality of raw materials.


Anomaly detection

Capture problems in video streams from onsite cameras.


Get near real-time performance notifications and periodic operational reports.

Operations integration

Integrate alerts and notifications easily with your onsite operational technologies (OT).

Custom quality checks

Tailor our CV video processing to detect different items and perform item-specific quality checks.

5G Edge intelligent factory

5G Edge can help manufacturers move and make decisions faster, prevent downtime, and meet its growing demands.


Empower your factory to work smarter.

5G Edge Quality Assurance for Production enables you to monitor production lines in near real time to boost quality control.


It enables you to track raw materials and input, as well as work-in-progress inventory and finished goods to help you ensure they are within your quality acceptance thresholds.

It uses mobile edge computing,* computer-vision technology and data streamed through your cameras to monitor and detect production anomalies in near real time to help you improve production efficiency.

*Private MEC is sold separately. 

Real-time analytics can help you spot problems sooner and make data-driven decisions sooner.

¹5G and MEC is sold separately.

²Alerts and notifications can be integrated with onsite operational technologies (OT).


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