Grid Wide:

Take a smart, integrated approach to
proactively manage your natural gas
system and monitor infrastructure
with near real-time data.

  • Smarter gas meters and natural gas systems to fuel grid transformation

  • With demand for natural gas on the rise and millions of miles of aging distribution infrastructure needing to be maintained, utilities are looking to the Internet of Things (IoT) to evolve the industry. Grid Wide: Intelligent Gas provides a fully managed, scalable, secure, cloud-based platform-as-a-service model for you to modernize your gas system.


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    What is this offering and why does it matter?

    Grid Wide: Intelligent Gas is an integrated solution for smart gas metering with point-to-multipoint communication to service and collect data from multiple gas meters and sensors. It supports open standards and technologies, offering proprietary gas-meter-reading protocols and a wide range of radio modulations and frequencies in the industry.

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    How does it address your industry needs?

    The Grid Wide: Intelligent Gas solution helps ensure that your utilities can conserve resources. Remain focused on identifying and solving metering issues around high usage, tampering, flow and pressure, while improving meter reading safety. Pay as you go to control costs and lower expenditures.


  • Smart gas metering

    We’ve simplified smart metering by integrating all of the essential hardware, software, open and proprietary protocols, and 4G LTE components into a single, cloud-based, IoT platform-as-a-service solution.

    • Manage billing, operational meter and sensor data, and customer service remotely
    • Detect anomalies in meter readings  
    • Conserve natural resources
    • Integrate payers and providers for greater transparency
    • Leverage compatibility with existing infrastructure


  • Distribution monitoring and control

    System anomalies, events and failures lower revenue and frustrate customers. Take back control over your systems with near real-time data to help mitigate loss and boost satisfaction. 

    • Identify delivery system anomalies and isolate issues to help reduce service disruptions
    • Monitor performance and upgrades based on usage versus time
    • Access scheduled and on-demand data, and receive event alerts and notifications
    • Receive actionable insights and data in industry-standard formats


  • Integrated reporting, dashboards and analytics

    How many times have you encountered customer service problems that you weren’t aware of and would not have known about, if not for a customer phone call? Our dashboards, integrated reporting, data analytics, event alerts and notifications can increase insight into your gas system, helping you improve efficiency and customer service.

    • Enhance meter reading safety and maintenance  
    • Proactively manage resources and assets


  • Security infrastructure services

    Smart-grid digital technology delivers many cost-saving and conservation benefits but carries greater potential cyberthreats. Our security services can help you identify and mitigate risks to your infrastructure and devices, enhancing the overall safety of the grid.

    • Implement public key infrastructure (PKI) and pre-shared key (PSK) services
    • Manage device identification
    • Manage digital signing and authenticity services


Technologies that power Intelligent Gas

  • Networks

    Connecting smart meters to data stores requires a reliable, intelligent network. We have the reach and the resources to make the connection happen, securely and efficiently.

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  • Mobile phones and devices

    Mobile devices provide your workforce with tools and information to deliver world-class service, even from the field. Insights into employee location and performance also help increase productivity and control costs.

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  • IoT

    Throughout your smart grids, machines reliably collect and transmit vital information to back-end management systems. You can use this data to automate processes, remotely monitor operations and track assets across distances.

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  • Security

    Aging infrastructures and high-profile assets increase your chances of a data breach or malware attack. Protecting your infrastructure and information—and addressing stringent security requirements—is more vital than ever.

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Key insights

  • Smart energy grid, simplified

    Modernizing your gas system keeps you conservation ready.


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  • Making gas systems smarter can be easy.

    Grid Wide: Intelligent Gas gives you dashboards, reporting, data analytics and event notifications across advanced smart-grid solutions.


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  • How digital
    transformation is impacting the utilities sector

    Utilities are beginning to undergo a full digital transformation that includes changes to technology, processes and culture.

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    • Oil giant improves safety and remote monitoring.

      Satellite and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions help monitor leaks, flow rates and temperatures.

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    • New utility network simplifies remote monitoring.

      Private IP delivers mission-critical management and maintenance.

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    • Driller turns to IP Trunking to reduce costs.

      Off-shore drilling company used streamlined voice communications to better manage calls.

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Why Verizon for the energy and utilities industry

  • Network leadership

    An award-winning wireless network, and reliable IP and fiber infrastructure

  • IT innovation

    5G leadership and advanced IoT integration for energy and utilities

  • Smart portfolio

    Integrated IoT and M2M solutions for smart cities, telematics and more

  • Threat intel and security services

    Unprecedented insight into security threats plus detection, defense and continuity capabilities

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