Modern Contact
Centers Drive
the Evolution
of Customer
and Employee


How, when, and why customers interact with contact centers is an ever-evolving process. For example, onset of the COVID pandemic in 2020 caused a sudden increase in connecting customers and employees through digital channels. While the pandemic was an extreme example, contact center operations and strategies will continue to be impacted by varying forces: new technologies and customer habits, changing demographics, and fluctuating global forces will continue to shape and alter how contact centers can meet customer expectations and equip their employees for success. This paper will illuminate how contact centers can improve their competitive positioning by embracing changes in workforce dynamics, adopt new operational strategies, and leverage advanced technologies to better fulfill—and exceed—customer and employee expectations.

  • Chapter 1:

    Contact Centers in a New Age of Workforce Dynamics

  • Chapter 2:

    The Top 3 Strategies for Creating Competitive Contact Centers

  • Chapter 3:

    How Advanced Workforce Engagement Management Bridges Challenges for Diverse Industries


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