Modernize your technology to better serve citizens and support digital learning.


A great opportunity to upgrade IT equipment.

Modern customer premises equipment (CPE) can help to optimize your agency or organization’s network performance, improve communications and strengthen your security posture. That’s why Verizon is offering a special opportunity to maximize your budget dollars to refresh end-of-support or aging CPE equipment.

Through our various government contracts and education programs, you can access a robust portfolio of voice, data and video CPE solutions and professional services at an attractive price point. Our offer applies toward bulk CPE purchases, standalone sales and refresh projects to support your IT initiatives.  

Go with an industry leader.

With our CPE solutions and services, we can help you implement the right technologies to support nontraditional learning and working environments, or replace or refresh equipment that’s aging.

  • State & Local Government

    We’ll help you replace or refresh aging equipment while ensuring that you have the right solutions to provide the services you need to support your communities and citizens.

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  • Federal Government

    As an experienced CPE provider and trusted federal partner, we can help you replace or refresh equipment that’s approaching end-of-support status.

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  • Education

    The latest CPE can help your educational institution become more agile, resilient and secure, while freeing up valuable IT resources.

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To find out how our CPE services can help you adapt to changing educational needs—and for offer details—contact your Verizon Government Account Manager.

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