• Interoperability. Working together to connect first responders.

  • Real interoperability will help public safety professionals share critical insights across agencies and networks in real time—when it matters most.

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  • Putting safety first.
    That’s the mission.

  • Verizon Frontline is a unified public safety platform built for real interoperability. Real interoperability will enable priority and preemption to be passed across carriers, giving those on the front lines the ability to communicate and share data among multiple agencies—regardless of what network, apps or devices they use. So they’ll be able to respond quickly to complex emergency situations and help save lives. Verizon can help enable seamless collaboration when you need it most.

  • Any device, any network,
    any agency.

    We’re working to enable real interoperability for public safety agencies, so first responders will have a secure, interoperable solution to help them save lives.
  • Seamlessly interact

    Have the ability to interact, communicate and coordinate securely across devices, carrier networks, and public safety agencies and jurisdictions.

  • Share information

    Have the flexibility and control to provide the right data to the right first responder during normal operations or in an emergency.

  • Respond quickly

    Improve response times and coordination of interagency communications on platforms such as Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT).

  • Enhance awareness

    Enhance first-responder safety and situational awareness in near real time.

  • Protect investments

    Protect existing and future public safety communications tech investments with backward compatibility.



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    • Insights and resources.

    White Paper

    Advancing Interoperability in the Era of Transformation

    In this IDC white paper, learn how open, interoperable public safety communications help ensure critical information is available—and why choosing a secure, robust network is critical.

    Jul 7, 2021 ,  16 min read

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    Verizon Frontline Public Safety Communications Survey

    This survey of more than 3,000 public safety professionals reveals key insights, such as that first responders place a high value on network reliability and real interoperability.

    Nov 4, 2021 ,  5 min read

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    The Quest for Interoperability: Where Do We Stand?

    In part 5 of the webinar series “Digital Transformation in a New Age,” Verizon experts. discuss barriers to interoperability, data-sharing solutions in the post-pandemic world, and more.

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    Solutions Brief

    The Imperative for Real Interoperability in Emergency Response

    Interoperability makes effective communications and collaboration among public safety agencies possible.

    Mar 18, 2021,  5 min read

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    Real Interoperability Gives First Responders Communications Access

    First responders need true interoperability, by which we mean the ability to communicate and share data.

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    Mutualink: Preparing for What’s Next with Real Interoperability

    Mutualink is the only communications solution provider delivering on-demand unified voice, video, and data collaboration, automating emergency communications and accelerating response.

    Learn more

    • Products and features.

    • Wireless Priority Services

      Grants special priority access through the network during emergencies. Available at no additional cost to Verizon Frontline qualified users. Requests for WPS are processed through the Dept. of Homeland Security and honored by other major telecoms.

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    • Wireless Preemption

      Helps maintain connections through the network during emergencies by reallocating resources to first responders. Available at no additional cost to Verizon Frontline qualified users.

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    • Intelligent Video

      Helps protect your community and assets with solutions that can improve situational awareness and speed decision making.

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    • Group First Response

      Enables land mobile radio (LMR)–like communication with one or more people at the push of a button. MCPTT product based on 3GPP standards. Runs on certain Android® and iOS devices. Video and data capability.

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    • Push to Talk Plus

      Provides instant communication in an emergency, with a single field employee or up to 250 people. Interoperable with MCPTT solutions. Available for Android® and iOS devices.

      Discover Push to Talk Plus
    • Verizon 4G LTE Network

      Enables fast, secure communications, regardless of network connection. Some dedicated public safety capabilities available at no additional cost to qualified public safety personnel.

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    • Mobile Broadband Priority

      Gives always-on data priority to first responders during emergencies, when they need it most. Available at no additional cost.

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    • Private Network Traffic Management

      Experience enhanced quality of service for mission-critical apps on the Verizon 4G LTE Private Network.

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    • Public Sector Devices

      Keep your organization connected, securely. Get exclusive offers on public sector devices, on America’s most reliable network.*

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