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real estate operations.

Verizon's new retail vision.

  • From a dramatic new store design to content-rich, engaging digital technology and new merchandising concepts, we have re-imagined evey retail touch-point to appeal to current and future customers. As a landlord considering Verizon as one of your key retail tenants, we want to share with you the vision for our future.

About Retail Real Estate Operations +

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  • We ensure your success with a carefully planned selling environment that attracts high foot traffic and repeat customers to your best-in-class portfolio. Our support includes:

    • Superior value placed on your qualified property
    • High profile national marketing and advertising campaigns for high consumer awareness and consistent communications
    • Sleek storefront design, with our distinguished logo out front
    • Unique merchandising concepts and frequently refreshed product displays
    • Highly professional customer service providers
Site Criteria +
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    As a landlord, you will benefit from an ideal tenant with a retail halo typically associated with an anchor tenant. Together, you and Verizon have the tools for forge a rewarding and enduring partnership.

    Our ideal site has the following characteristics:

    • 1,400-2,400 square feet for urban locations or 2,500-3,500 square feet for suburban locations
    • Free standing pad or predominant end cap
    • Highly visible building with unobstructed store signs; 50 feet of frontage preferred
    • Busy regional shopping area anchored by big boxes with multiple junior tenants
    • Easily accessible storefront parking with 25 spaces minimum
    • Pylon and/or monument signs
    • High traffic counts
    • ADA compliant site, facility and tenants space
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  • Network Real Estate Inquiries

    Verizon Wireless receives thousands of inquiries each year from property owners, managers and customers who offer property on which our communications facilities can be located.

    If you have property you would like us to consider, please review the following before submitting a Real Estate Inquiry Form.

    Design criteria for property evaluation

    Typically our facilities require ground space on which we would construct
    either a monopole (or similar structure) or installation on a rooftop.

    Land for tower sites:

    • Should provide a leased area approximately 100'x 100'
    • Should be no more than 100 to 500 feet from a major paved public street
    • Property should be within a zoning classification that allows
      communication structures
    • Must provide 24-hour access, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to
      all portions of the facility

    Building or rooftop site:

    • Should be a minimum of 3 to 4 stories tall
    • Zoning of the building should allow for communications facilities to be placed at your location
    • Property should be within a zoning classification that allows
      communication structures
    • Must provide 24-hour access, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to
      all portions of the facility

    When completing the Real Estate Inquiry Form and giving the location of your property, please provide directions and distances from major intersections within the Details of Property section of the form.

    Following these guidelines and instructions will greatly improve our ability to locate and evaluate your property. If we feel your property is a potential candidate for locating facilities, someone representing Verizon Wireless will contact you to discuss further.

    Real Estate Inquiry Form

    Evaluation Process

    Our team of real estate, construction and radio frequency engineers will evaluate all properties for viability.

    Verizon Wireless will only contact property owners, managers and customers with properties that meet our current needs.

    Due to the volume of property evaluations submittals, we regret that we will not be able to follow up with all inquiries unless your property meets our needs.