Internet Satellite - Office Service Level Agreement

The following SLAs apply only to Customers executing an agreement for the Internet Satellite - Office service:

Network Availability and Packet Loss.

  1. Network Availability
    • Scope: The Network Availability SLA is 99.9%.
    • Calculation: "Network Availability" refers to the absence of Service outages associated with the connection of Customer to the Verizon Enterpise Solutions network. Network availability is measured from the managed terrestrial network to the satellite gateway and associated satellite space segment.
    • Network Availability Formula:

      (Total minutes of Service network uptime) / (total minutes in the Service month)

      Network Availability is measured from the ingress interface up to, but not including, the egress interface at the Verizon Enterpise Solutions network. Refer to the diagram below.
  2. Packet Loss The traffic shaping control for the Service is packet drops. In-Profile Traffic (as defined below) will be treated with priority and transmitted at the maximum burst rate defined by the Service Tier. Out-of-Profile Traffic is defined as capacity consumption over and above the monthly traffic volume threshold, as defined for a Service Tier, or traffic that does not meet the asymmetry parameters shown below. Out-of-Profile Traffic that cannot be forwarded will appear as congestion to host machines interacting across the Service network, resulting in increased packet loss. Out-of-Profile Traffic will be transferred across the network on a capacity available basis with no priority. The Packet Loss SLA of less than 1% per month is only available for In-Profile traffic.
    • In-Profile Traffic Definitions In-Profile traffic is traffic that meets (a) the instantaneous pro rata consumption that would aggregate to the monthly volume threshold for each Service Tier as shown below if used at that rate for an entire month (the Monthly Volume Threshold) and (2) the asymmetry parameters described below.

      • Monthly Volume Threshold
        Service Tier (Burst Rate)Monthly Volume Threshold
        384 x 128 Kbps1 Gigabyte / month
        768 x 256 Kbps2 Gigabytes / month
        1.544 x 256 Kbps3 Gigabytes / month
        2.048 x 512 Kbps4 Gigabytes / month

      • In-Profile asymmetry: Traffic that is greater than or equal to 75% of the pro rata consumption of the Monthly Volume Th reshold for traffic entering the CPE from the satellite link and less than or equal to 25% of the pro rata consumption of the Monthly Volume Threshold for traffic leaving the CPE via the satellite link.
      Note: Outages related to In-Profile Traffic packet loss must be reported to Verizon Enterpise Solutions at 800-900-0241 option 3, option 2 within 24 hours of the packet loss event and confirmed by Verizon Enterpise Solutions Customer Support.
  3. Service Level Agreement Remedy

    Verizon Enterpise Solutions's performance with respect to each SLA shall be determined on the basis of data collected by Verizon Enterpise Solutions and reported by Verizon Enterpise Solutions on the Information One Website. In addition to exclusions described herein, in calculating SLA compliance, Verizon Enterpise Solutions will exclude: (a) failures resulting from outages or disruptions caused by Customer; (b) Service or data failures due to reasons of Force Majeure; (c) outages associated with scheduled maintenance events; and (d) outages or disruptions caused by Customer's failure to maintain site specifications as set forth below.

    Customer is responsible for the necessary site preparation, maintenance, interconnection where applicable, and specification adherence as reasonably determined by Verizon Enterpise Solutions and set forth in guidelines that Verizon Enterpise Solutions may issue from time to time.

    No SLAs will be available if the CPE: (a) has been subjected to physical or electrical stress, misuse, neglect, accident or abuse, or damaged by any other external causes; (b) has been repaired or altered by anyone other than Verizon Enterpise Solutions or Verizon Enterpise Solutions's authorized subcontractors or affiliates, without Verizon Enterpise Solutions's express and prior written approval; or (c) is used in violation of applicable law or in violation of instructions furnished by Verizon Enterpise Solutions.

    To claim a credit, Customer must submit a complete Company claim on the Verizon Enterpise Solutions Information One Website within 24 hours of the end of each month where an SLA was not met. Customer's sole remedy for Verizon Enterpise Solutions's failure to meet any and all SLAs shall be to receive a credit of the Monthly Fee for each site, net of discounts and taxes, billed to Customer for the month in which Verizon Enterpise Solutions failed to meet the SLA for each SLA outlined in the "SLA Credits" table below.

    Credit(s) may be claimed for each SLA. However, the maximum SLA credit that will be applied shall not exceed 25% of the Monthly Fee for each affected site, net of discounts and taxes.
  4. Table 1 SLA Credits

     Target5% Credit10% Credit25% Credit
    Network Availability>=99.90%99.899-99.50%99.499-95.00%<94.999%
     Target7% Credit
    Packet Loss<=1.0%>1.01%