• Build the future.
    Powered by 5G and you.

    • 5G enables real-world,
      living lab environments.
      Supporting creators on
      their path to discovery.

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    • Big ideas, big
      network power.

      Innovation Hubs are spaces at startups, universities and large enterprises, where our partners develop and test solutions that can change the world—all powered by Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband.*

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      Access the connectivity you need to develop unique use cases, innovative products and solutions, and potential intellectual property.




      Try out your ideas in lab and real-world test conditions, receive validation for new product concepts and shorten the timeline between ideation and execution.

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      Work with Verizon technical experts, as well as professionals at other Innovation Hubs, 5G Labs and NewLab Studio, to discuss concepts in a supportive setting.




      Host your customers, press and industry influencers to showcase your latest offerings before they go to market.

    • The best and
      brightest of partners.

    • Innovation Hubs powered by Verizon 5G are a value-added resource to help customers improve the return on their 5G network investment.

  • Learning Futures Collaboratory | Arizona State University

    Uses design-based methods to create inclusive, learner-centered, exploratory, and immersive learning experiences for all learners at every stage of their life.

    Learn more

  • The Smart Factory at Wichita | Deloitte

    Showcasing smart manufacturing technologies curated with an ecosystem of innovative collaborators on an end-to-end smart production line.

    Learn more

  • Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub | 11Ten Innovation Partners

    Exploring solutions in healthcare, including near real-time data analytics that could help enable connected ambulances, remote physical therapy and next-gen medical imaging.

    Learn more

  • Innovation Hub at University of Illinois | Research Park

    Enabling students, startups and large corporations to use 5G for testing IoT, robotics, AI, drones, manufacturing process automation and VR solutions.

    Learn more

  • Forge Lab | GE Research

    Proving ground for transformative industrial applications, from pervasive patient monitoring to real-time wind farm controls to resilient airbases.

    Learn more

  • Innovation Studio | Pacific Northwest National Lab

    Exploring how cybersecurity will underpin 5G for critical infrastructure and how it will transform AI, autonomous systems and other IoT applications.

    Learn more

  • Lake Nona | Tavistock Development Company

    Testing 5G use cases for connected healthcare, autonomous mobility, smart communities, education and retail.

    Learn more

See 5G
in action.­

Our 5G Ultra Wideband network helps provide our partners with the flexibility, power and connectivity needed to broaden their capabilities.*

  • Support for your
    5G innovation journey.

  • Introductory training program

    Verizon provides an introductory training program for 5G customers who want to get started on their Innovation Hub.

  • Ideation session and discussion

    Our guided, half-day ideation session is to identify your use cases and establish a methodology to explore your innovation ideas.

  • Quarterly progress

    This check-in allows you to share updates on 5G innovation activities, ask questions and provide program feedback.

  • Development

    Create and certify new products, applications and services, and give developers access to resources to build new projects with Verizon Open Development.

  • * 5G Ultra Wideband available in selected areas.