XO Enterprise SIP Trunking

What is Enterprise SIP?

Enterprise SIP uses the power of a centralized IP-PBX at a primary location to deliver Voice over IP to other company locations using an existing private network or the Verizon Private IP Service

Why Enterprise SIP?

Distributed enterprises can simplify, streamline and reduce the costs of managing voice services across many locations.

Learn how Enterprise SIP Trunking can support your business

Manage VoIP and UC across the enterprise using your Private IP network. For multiple location businesses that have recently purchased and want to extend the life of their own IP-PBX or Session Border Controller (SBC) phone systems, Enterprise SIP is an ideal choice.


Use your existing IP systems to deliver VoIP across all locations, simplify management, and enable Unified Communications—while also reducing costs.

  • Reduce capital costs

    Eliminate IP-PBX phone systems at many locations

  • Decrease or eliminate long distance charges

    Enjoy free site-to-site calling within your wide area network

  • Use bandwidth more efficiently

    Dynamically share idle voice calling capacity across locations

  • Cut management costs

    No need to manage separate, local voice lines from many providers

  • Available nationwide

    A VoIP network in more than 2,900 US cities


XO has the experience, the right network, and the dedicated people, support and systems to ensure that you have the best possible voice communications experience.

  • Features

  • Highlights

  • Business Continuity

    • Use redundant Enterprise SIP trunks to provide failover to the other so you can reroute traffic if needed. You can have two or more Enterprise SIP Trunks failover to a single location.
    • Have different bandwidth speeds at two locations with failover capabilities to reduce costs associated with business continuity operations 
    • Automatic Call Routing ensures your employees can be reached by phone even during a disaster
  • Flexibility

    • Enjoy packaged pricing  based on bandwidth and VoIP sessions
    • Tailor pricing with your choice of a Long Distance plan
  • Security

    • Gain an added layer of security for VoIP communications
    • Encryption using either or both SRTP and TLS industry standards for SIP signaling