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Discover the opportunities and changes for XO products in 2020.

Transition details
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    • Your future with Verizon

    • Understand what’s next with your XO services.

      In summer 2020, select XO services will migrate to Verizon. You’ll start seeing new bills with Verizon names for your migrated XO products. We will continue to send you updates as we work toward completing the transition of your services.

      Learn about your migration to Verizon.
      Transition details

      After you’re on the Verizon network, take advantage of some of our advanced capabilities to help you connect with customers and grow your business: 


      Some XO services are also being replaced and upgraded to next generation Verizon products. It’s important you’re taking the right steps now. 

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      (800) 421-3872

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    The following XO products will be migrated to the Verizon billing and network management systems. Click an XO product link below to visit the Verizon-equivalent product page.

    Don’t see your XO product here?  Explore solution reference guide.

    Network Services +
    Unified Communications and Voice +
    Cloud and Managed Services +
    Wholesale Services (Verizon Partner Solutions) +
    Public Sector +
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    Learn about what’s changing on the Verizon portal, and discover: 

    • How do I pay my bill on Verizon?
    • How has my invoice changed?
    • How do I set up recurring payments?
    • How do I see historical XO invoices on myXO?

    (800) 421-3872 (Billing, Repair, Migration help)

    Are you a Web and Mail Hosting* customer?

    Remember to bookmark these new Admin portal links:

    *Legal notice

    Hosted PBX Support +
    Enterprise SIP and IP Flex Support +
    Customer Service Record (CSR) Request +
    • Customer Service Record request

      You have two options to request a Customer Service Record (CSR).

      1. Use the myXO customer portal and generate the request yourself.


      2. Click here to submit a form to request a Customer Service Record (CSR). All requests received after 3:00 pm Central Time are considered to be received the next business day.
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    • For all your support, billing, repair, and migration needs, call (800) 421-3872.

    Legal and Privacy

    The following provisions apply to customers who purchase service(s) from XO Communications Services, LLC ("XO") via service order agreements, which may include but are not limited to, “Carrier Master Service Order Agreements”; “Wholesale Master Service Order Agreements”; or “Master Service Order Agreements,” each of which is governed by XO's online terms and conditions.