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Get Fios Internet bundle free for 2 months.

Offer ends April 8, 2017. Call us at 1.888.808.0172 to learn more.

Requires Internet and Phone bundle w/ 2-yr agreement.

Also, get up to a $500 credit to cover your termination fee.*

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Why Verizon?

Technology solutions for every community maker.

As a business, you're the lifeblood of the local community and your
focus is on your customers. At Verizon Business Markets we focus
on you and your technology needs, so you don't miss a beat. Discover
how Verizon can partner with you - our valued community maker.

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99.9% network reliability
plus the speed you and
your customers depend on.

Network Solutions

Scalable solutions that grow with your business

Security and reliability you can count on day in, day out

Innovative technologies to help your business perform at its best

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Speeds up to 500 Mbps

99.9% network reliability

No caps on internet usage

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Business Phone
Business Digital Voice

Unlimited calling with VoIP and Standard Phone offerings

Get up to over 30 features to boost productivity

Easily add lines as your business grows

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Fios TV

Crystal clear picture quality

Unsurpassed entertainment variety

Choose the types of channels you want

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See how Verizon has helped
other businesses.

  • Landscape Architecture Firm
  • Bakery
    Make My Cake
  • Restaurant
    Cafe Zona Sur
  • Automotive
    Precision Tuning Motorsports

"We're very dependent on the internet, especially with worldwide reach and working with consultants across the globe. So we need good, substantial internet speeds in order to make that work."

Jerry Van Eyck, Owner, !melk


"We use Verizon for our phone service, for our internet service and it's worked out quite well. The people demand it. It's an important part of growing that business, and it has paid off."

JoAnn Baylor, Owner, Make My Cake


"Verizon is one of the best. And you have to have good service. Everything has to be fast. We have internet here, so people can come over here, and sit down, relax. So far, business is good."

Jose-Luis Hernandez, Owner, Cafe Zona Sur


"I love Fios. It's fantastic for a thousand different reasons. Just about everything out here in the shop requires the internet in someway or another and so that's all on the Wi-Fi. You have to have it and it has to be fast."

Richard Ellis, Owner, Precision Tuning Motorsports

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