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Prepaid Plans - Support Overview

Learn about your prepaid plan, which gives you access to the Verizon networks with no long term contract, activation fee or credit check. You can also find help managing your prepaid account and optional features.

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3-Way Calling

Find out about about 3-Way Calling, where you conference call with multiple callers and speak with all parties simultaneously. Learn how to merge calls.
Learn about calling 411 Search from your mobile phone to get phone numbers and other information about places of interest, like restaurants, movies and more.

Call Filter

Get free spam blocking. Call Filter lets you screen incoming calls, block spam and report unwanted numbers. Upgrade to Call Filter Plus with Caller ID.
Get instructions on how to set up Call Filter for free spam protection & blocking unwanted numbers. Upgrade to Call Filter Plus with Caller ID for added security.

Call Forwarding

Learn how to use Call Forwarding (*72) to send calls to another number. Turn it on from a computer or through My Verizon app. No monthly fee on most plans.

Call Waiting

Learn about the feature that lets you receive incoming calls while you're on another call on your mobile phone.

Caller ID

Block Caller ID using your Verizon app or *67 to protect your privacy. Also, see how to block a number from your phone.

HD Voice

Learn how to get HD voice, featuring call audio that sounds like you’re face-to-face, 6-way conference calls and simultaneous calling and data use, all on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.
Learn how to use Verizon Wi-Fi calling if cellular service isn't available.

Mobile Hotspot

Learn to use the Mobile Hotspot feature or app on your phone or tablet to connect devices to the internet. Find plans with mobile hotspot data.

Texting / Messaging

Learn about sending and receiving texts, including how to block texts, restore deleted texts, text to and from email, and send international messages.

Verizon Cloud

Verizon Cloud Beta Lab lets you try new features before they are fully launched. Learn about Facebook Sync, Screenshots Album, Time Travel and Puzzle Play.
Get storage for photos, videos, contacts, music and more with the Verizon Cloud app. Learn to back up and sync content across devices.


Learn all about basic voicemail, including how to set up, retrieve and save messages, delete when full, change your password and more.

Wireless Emergency Alerts

A list of Wireless Emergency Alert Compatible Devices.
Frequently asked questions about Wireless Emergency Alerts, including Presidential Alerts, Imminent Danger Alerts and AMBER Alerts.