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Verizon Wireless customers get 50% off for 12 months. Plus a $200 Visa® prepaid card & free 3 line IP phone.

Sign up for a Fios Gigabit Connection Internet and Phone bundle for your business and get 50% off for one year for being a valued Verizon Wireless customer. Plus, get a $200 Visa Prepaid card and a 3 line IP phone (2- yr agmt req.). Be sure to enter your Verizon Wireless number to verify eligibility for this special offer. Offer can't be combined with online discount and other select offers.

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business digital voice business digital voice

Enjoy over 30 calling features

Like automatic call forwarding, voicemail to email, seamless call transfer between devices and dozens of others.

Cloud-powered resilience

Keep your business running:
If you lose power, our cloud-based VoIP connection can reroute calls to another preset number.

Total control, even on the road

Manage your calls from anywhere you have an Internet connection using our app and online dashboard.

Work at Verizon speed

Our network delivers fast speeds with high reliability  to help keep your business running smoothly.



Ideal for:

-Unlimited nationwide calling.

-1-5 users.

-National businesses.

VoIP lines starting at:


Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges w/2-yr. agmt. & auto renewal. Offer & pricing details

Get up to a $300 bonus when you  bundle with Fios Internet on a 2 year term.

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1 to 5 VoIP lines VoIP lines starting at:

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges w/2-yr. agmt. & auto renewal. Offer & pricing details

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A smarter way to stay connected

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • 30+ call management features
  • A secure VoIP network

Fios Internet +

Business Digital Voice
Bundle with speeds up to 940Mbps/880Mbps

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Offers available with a 2 year term:
  • Get up to a $250 Visa Prepaid Card
  • Up to $500 credit for Early Termination Fees
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Get a free 3-line IP phone
  • Get $10 off each additional line when ordering 3 or more lines
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Need more than 5 lines?

How It Works:

Overview Video

What's included with Business Digital Voice?

With 30+ features, you can control your communications, improve customer experience, streamline your business, and simplify your day to day. 

3-Way Calling


Add a third caller to a call already in progress, no matter who initiated the call.

Account and User Web Portals


Manage all aspects of your Business Digital Voice features, 24/7.

Anonymous Call Rejection


Reject callers who have blocked the display of their telephone numbers.



Need to “Barge In” on a call? Allow a user to be bridged into another user's call in progress.

Busy Lamp Monitoring


See which employees are currently on the phone.

Call Forwarding


Forward calls to any number and don't miss a call.

Call Hold & Resume


Put customers on hold so you can attend to their needs quickly and efficiently.

Call Logs w/ Click to Dial


Return missed calls from your Call History by clicking on the phone number.

Call Notify


Call Notify sends an email when your desk phone has an incoming call.

Call Redial


Don't waste time typing in that long phone number again—let your phone redial for you.

Call Return


Return previous calls without dialing the phone number.

Call Transfer


Send calls to the right department or area of your business for efficient handling with Call Transfer.

Call Waiting


With Call Waiting, you can receive a second call—busy signal free.

Call Waiting w/ Call Waiting ID


Receive notification of an incoming call while another conversation is in progress.

Chrome™ Dialer


See your recent calls, setup Call Forwarding, or go directly to your My Phone portal via Google Chrome™.

Desktop App


Make VoIP calls from your computer as if you are on your IP Phone.

Desktop Client


The Desktop Client allows you to make voice calls and manage Business Digital Voice call settings.

Do Not Disturb


Do Not Disturb will send your calls to voicemail so you can work without missing a message.

Extension Dialing


Quickly reach your internal employees by utilizing Extension Dialing.

Feature Access Codes


Press 3 buttons on your phone to enable or disable multiple Business Digital Voice features.

Inbound Caller ID (Name & Number)


See who is calling you right on your IP Phone display, mobile app or desktop client.



Monitoring allows you to review your business’ incoming and outgoing calls by phone number.

Outbound Caller ID Blocking


Enable users to block delivery of his/her identity to called parties.

Outgoing Calling Plan Management


Allow or block certain call types of calls, like international calls, on a user basis.

Personal Phone Directory


Every employee has their own phone directory to quickly call the numbers they dial most.

Selective Call Rejection


Selective Call Rejection permits a user to define criteria that cause certain incoming calls to be blocked.

Simultaneous Ring


With Simultaneous Ring, you can have multiple devices ring when you receive an incoming call.

Speed Dial


Don't memorize phone numbers, use Speed Dial to quickly dial to your most called contacts.

Unified Messaging


Get voice tools like Voice Message Waiting Indicator, Voice Messaging Notification and Voice Messaging to Email.

Voice Portal


Record greetings, auto attendant settings, and after hours messages.



Access voicemail through any phone, your mobile or desktop client, the My Phone portal or even email.

Voicemail to Email


Choose to have your voice messages delivered as .wav audio file attachments to your email.

Call Waiting w/ Call Waiting ID


Receive notification of an incoming call while another conversation is in progress.

Instant Messaging


Private and Group chat,  Chat Sync Across Devices



Personal Virtual Meeting Room, One-click Conference/Huddle Room, Easy Guest Access



File Push, Integrated Screen Sharing, Access

announcements on hold

Announcements On Hold

Record your own message, advertisements, or play music for customers on hold.

auto attendant

Auto Attendant

A virtual receptionist that helps customers self-select who they need to talk to.

business continuity flowershop

Business Continuity

Automatically forward calls to a preset number, to help you maintain service in the event of a power outage.

call history

Call History

Call history allows you to see incoming, outgoing and missed calls across your business and analyze your business’s advertising effectiveness.

call park pickup

Call Park/Retrieve

Park incoming calls until the first available rep can pick up and help the customer.

hunt group

Hunt Group

Automatically transfer customers from line to line until someone at your business answers.

progress call

Mobile App: In Progress Calls

Seamlessly transfer calls between your IP and mobile phones.

outbound call

Mobile App: Outbound Calls

Make and receive business calls via your mobile phone. Calls from your mobile phone will appear as your office phone in Caller ID.

my account my phone

"My Account" Administrator Web Portal

Manage features through My Account for both the entire business and individual users.

my phone end user web portal man computer

"My Phone" End User Web Portal

Each user can manage their Call History, voicemail and other important features through the My Phone site.

shared call

Shared Call Appearance

Shared Call Appearance allows multiple phones to receive and make calls on behalf of another user.

visual voicemail

Visual Voicemail

See who left you a voicemail and when they called on your computer or smartphone.

Add the IP phone or phone converter your business needs when you check out.

An IP phone is required  to access all 30+ features. If you want to keep your own equipment, an analog  converter is required.

If you're already a Verizon customer please Sign in.

Yealink 3 Line IP phone
$85.00 plus taxes

Free with 75Mbps+ speeds bundle w/2-yr. agmt. 

1-year warranty

Ideal for common areas

Line Keys - 3 line keys with LED

HD Voice

Display Type - 2.3" 132x64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight

Ethernet Connectivity

Headset Support- Headset, EHS support

ip phone t40g

5-line IP cordless phone base with 1 handset
$150.00 plus taxes
Additional handsets are $85 plus taxes

5-line phone base with 1 handset

1-year warranty

Phone base supports up to 5 handsets

Color display and intuitive user interface

HD voice with wideband technology

Industry leading handset battery life / quick re-charge time

3.5 mm headset jack

additional cordless ip phone headset

Yealink 12 Line IP phone
$150.00 plus taxes

1-year warranty

Ideal for common areas

Line Keys - 6 line keys can be programmed to support up to 12 lines

Ideal for higher call volumes

HD Voice

Wi-Fi capable

Display Type - 192x64-pixel graphical LCD with backlight

Ethernet Connectivity

USB 2.0 - 1 x USB port (2.0 compliant)

Headset Support- Headset, EHS support

12 line bdv phone

Yealink 16 Line IP phone
$200.00 plus taxes

1-year warranty

Ideal for common areas

Line Keys - 16

Ideal for higher call volumes

HD Voice

Wi-Fi capable

Display Type - 800 x 480-pixel color touch screen with backlight

Ethernet Connectivity - 2 x port Gigabit

USB - 1 x USB port (2.0 compliant)

Headset Support- Headset, EHS support

ip phone t48s

Conference phone

$500.00 plus taxes

Conferencing phone

1-yr warranty

B&W Backlit LCD grayscale display

High Definition Voice

conference phone

PacketSmart troubleshooting probe

Included at no extra cost

Provided at no charge if purchased with new Bundle with Business Digital Voice.

Delivers Verizon remote, near real-time signaling and analysis of VoIP traffic to help troubleshoot network problems.

troubleshooting probe

Select a converter if you'd like to keep your current phone equipment. PBX and Key Systems are not supported on Analog Converters (ATA).

2-port analog converter

$85.00 plus taxes


1 year warranty

Easily converts existing phone equipment from analog to VoIP Systems

2 voice ports

2 port analog converter

4-port analog converter

$130.00 plus taxes


1 year warranty

Easily converts existing phone equipment from analog to VoIP Systems

4 voice ports

4 port analog converter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Digital Voice?

Business Digital Voice is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service provided by broadband. VoIP is a technology that transports high quality voice calls over the internet instead of a traditional phone network.

What makes VoIP so great?

Features: 30+ advanced features included at no additional cost.


Flexibility: Work from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Supports road warriors and remote workers.


Seamlessness: Don't miss a call. With the Business Digital Voice Mobile app you can answer business calls right from your cell phone. If you make outbound calls, your business caller ID will show to the receiver.


Disaster Recovery: VoIP-based phone systems reside "in the cloud". This allows you to maintain customer communications when you lose power by routing calls to another phone number or your mobile phone.

Can I use my fax, alarm, or credit card lines on Business Digital Voice?

Fax machines require a Business Digital Voice telephone line and an Analog converter (ATA) to work.

Verizon Fios customers can fax unlimited pages on their Business Digital Voice line.

For non-Fios customers, it is not recommended to fax more than 5 pages per fax. Verizon cannot guarantee your fax machine will work on a VoIP line. Credit card, alarm, fire, elevator, or security lines are not supported on Business Digital Voice. You can purchase an additional copper telephone line for these purposes.

What equipment do I need with Business Digital Voice?

Business Digital Voice requires IP phones that work over an internet connection. These phones allow you to manage some of your Business Digital Voice features right from the phone and provide high quality calls. Verizon offers a variety of IP phones starting at $85.00 to best fit your business needs. At this time, we do not allow customers to bring their own VoIP equipment.


If you do not want to purchase IP Phones, you can purchase an Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) starting at $85.00 to use with two telephones. You plug your traditional analog phone(s) into the adapter and it will run over IP! Please note: you cannot plug IP Phones into an ATA.


PBX and Key Systems are not supported on ATAs. Customers faxing on Business Digital Voice will need an ATA. Please see "Can I use my fax, alarm, or credit card lines on Business Digital Voice" for more information.

What is included with Business Digital Voice?

Business Digital Voice is the premier solution that provides big business tools for small businesses, with over 30 features to make your business more efficient, productive and mobile. With Business Digital Voice, you receive an Auto Attendant which acts as your Virtual Receptionist. We also include mobile and desktop apps so you can manage your calls and business when you are away from your desk. Multiple call forwarding options are available so you don't miss a call. For a complete list of features, click here.

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