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Open Development IoT

Power your products on the Verizon network and join our IoT developer community to get the nationwide coverage and support you need to bring your idea from concept to market.

Some of the features of Open Development IoT include:

Designing and building

We have a variety of tools and partners that can help you design and build your concept.


Certify your devices with Verizon in four phases: register, submit, certify and prep for market.


Offer what your customers need and deploy to market faster.

5G Edge

Extend your cloud environments with 5G Edge, our multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform that enables cloud servers to run closer to endpoints, reducing latency and speeding up local processing.

Some of the features of 5G Edge include:

Extended infrastructure

Use Amazon Web Services (AWS) Wavelength to instantiate your cloud infrastructure at the edge of our mobile network in cities across the U.S.

Edge discovery

For applications that have a geo distributed footprint, Verizon provides the tools to find the closest, most performant 5G Edge zone—no matter where your clients are.

Device management

Leverage our device management APIs for your IoT deployments to add, activate and suspend service for devices.


Get all the tools to prototype, test, connect and manage your IoT devices on Verizon's secure and reliable network.

Some of the features of ThingSpace include:

Connectivity management

Provision, monitor and diagnose IoT devices, from initial development through commercialization.

Software management

Keep your firmware operational and updated with our new firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) services.

Location services

Know where your devices are located, access reports and history, and manage device opt-outs.

Digital Connect

Leverage a turnkey system with everything your e-commerce business needs to sell on multiple marketplaces.

Some of the features of Digital Connect include:

Service management

Set up a personalized service management interface with resources such as user guides available for download, as well as technical assistance provided by Verizon.

Out-of-the-box access

Get immediate access to incident, inventory, change management and sync, as well as other APIs your project needs.

Verizon Connect

This integration-friendly telematics platform with a robust set of tools allows you to easily share information back and forth with your other business software solutions—billing, payroll, HR, maintenance, customer relationship management (CRM), finance, health and safety—already in place.

Some of the features of Verizon Connect include:

Paperless timesheets and notifications

Export the delivery information stored in your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system into the Verizon Connect route planning software to create optimized routes.

Compliance monitoring

Leverage hours of service (HOS) driver status information within back-office systems to verify hours worked and compliance.

Tracked maintenance

Align fleet maintenance programs and systems to track your vehicles’ operating costs with preventive and as-needed services.

Verizon Wireless Network Services

Use the Wireless Network Services API to integrate service activation, usage monitoring and other IoT device connectivity management tasks with your applications.

Some features of Verizon Network Services include:

Monitoring and management

Get tools you need to manage the entire life cycle of your devices in a single, scalable, reliable, self-service portal designed for IoT.


Unify your IoT solutions and services into a single pane of glass and API family.

Enterprise Messaging Access Gateway

Use SMTP, SNPP, WCTP or XML to work with your IT systems to automatically initiate message delivery and response.

Some of the features of Enterprise Messaging Access Gateway include:

Message archives

Monitor your mobile workforce's use of text messaging, store messages for customer service training or capture business discussions.

Text surveys

Create SMS-based surveys to get feedback quickly.

Broadcast services

Whether it’s 10 or a thousand, you can send bulk SMS text messages to your contacts.

Communications Platform as a Service

Build customized solutions for inbound and outbound IP interactive voice response (IPIVR) and call detail reporting.

With Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), you get:

CPaaS Voice API

Get the building blocks you need to programmatically manage phone calls for your IP Contact Center. Play prompts, gather digits, route inbound calls or place outbound calls for call campaigns, appointment reminders or multifactor authentication applications.

CPaaS Traffic Reporting API

Develop applications to facilitate informed decisions by leveraging near real-time call detail records. Analyze traffic patterns and get alerts on the metrics you determine are critical to your business.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention helps businesses reduce fraud by leveraging the Verizon network data to authenticate and protect your customer’s digital identity.

With Fraud Prevention, you get:

Carrier Data Integrations

Protects service providers from fraud by leveraging “zero knowledge” (no personally identifiable information) account and device details about Verizon subscribers to verify subscriber identities.

Verizon Call Verification Services

Leverage the Verizon network to determine if a subscriber’s specific phone is actually on the line with a service provider’s call center in near real time.

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