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Enhance your customers' experience
with a comprehensive inbound solution.

Customer care has long gone beyond 24/7. 

Organizations want to be able to predict who is contacting them, to personalize the customers overall experience, they want to be able to proactively drive and guide their callers to the best channel for their need. Finally they want to enable their contact center agents to empower their callers. Successful customer experience now demands integration of multimedia access, social sharing - and most importantly, a holistic awareness of each interaction to expedite proper resolution.

A large hospitality vendor can provide transparency across all geographies by creating a single global seamless experience to support their business.

What is IP Contact Center (IPCC)?

A portfolio of interaction services that includes VoIP Inbound and IP Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Our network-based portfolio includes VoIP conversion for reliable termination to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) devices. With IPCC, you gain the benefits of automatic technology upgrades, a fully managed hosted service and secure connectivity on one of the world’s largest IP backbones. 

How does IP Contact Center work?

Our comprehensive IP Contact Center service gives you all the usage-based features you need, and the tools to make near-real time changes quickly and efficiently.  VoIP Inbound options include local to global calling with domestic toll-free and local services as well as international inbound that can be layered with dozens of advanced features to fit the needs of your business.

Network Manager puts you in control by helping you make quick changes to your calling plans and follow your business in near real time. In addition, you can extract near real-time traffic management reporting so you can have your finger on the pulse of your callers.

Features & benefits

IPCC provides significant benefits to legacy contact centers by moving some of the functionality into the network while providing you powerful and flexible routing options as well as management capabilities that can assist with managing your call center environment.

Total call routing control is based on user-defined parameters, permitting high-speed links between a company's Customer Access Point (CAP) and the Verizon Data Access Point (DAP) – giving you on-premises control of your toll-free routing within our network. This can be used shorten call handling times; automate traffic resulting in balanced loads and; direct calls to other locations.

Traffic can be directed:

  • Routing or blocking callers using automatic number identification (ANI).
  • Delivery of caller-entered digits from IVR prompts
  • Caller Profile routing based on your systems knowledge of CRM
  • Call routing using time of day and/or Geographic area

Network Manager is a Windows GUI application complete with color displays, easy-to-read icons, pop-up windows, and a convenient toolbar. It allows you to easily view your entire network configurations, make changes, or order/activate new features.

Traffic from the US can be routed globally and international orginating call options include:


countries (PSTN) public switched (including VILO in US)


countries National Freephone


countries (UIFN) Universal International Freephone


countries (ITFS) International Toll Free

Why Verizon is different

All the capabilities that most contact centers need in one usage rate including advanced features, network management, monitoring and reporting.  With strong network metrics and an SLA to back them, we can integrate network functionality with your on premise platforms. Our global footprint with in-region inbound service includes many local origination options with the ability to terminate calls using our global network to 35 countries.

We deliver over 35 billion minutes of inbound traffic a year and have been recognized a leader in providing customer experience solutions. 

Professional services

Creating the best experience is an essential element to attracting and retaining customers. But knowing how to best benefit from IP based Contact Centers isn’t necessarily easy. Are you migrating an existing TDM based call center or creating a new IP environment? Do you have the in-house expertise to implement SIP based trunking and create routing plans that can align with all of your technical, operational and financial requirements?

If not, the answer begins with our Digital Advisory Services. From strategy creation to implementation, we offer a broad array of services and offerings to help you get what you need from digital interaction. We tailor those offerings to benefit your unique needs and give you ongoing, on-demand access to network experts.

Enable better outcomes


  • Improve customer service and intelligently route calls to multiple contact centers
  • Legacy system does not support digital technology, limited funds to invest
  • Integration of additional services is difficult
  • Need to have DR plan for adverse events
  • Multiple toll free numbers across many centers

Business Outcomes:

  • Consistent service experience for U.S. and international callers
  • Higher agent utilization
  • Easy integration with 3rd party services
  • Reduced time and cost to deploy digital services to align with existing legacy centers
  • Facilitates use of home based agents

IPCC Technology:

  • Global IP network integration and intelligent routing
  • Network Manager to load balance traffic
  • IVR supports call routing and self-service
  • Transfers unresolved self-service calls to center agents
  • Connect callers to available agents using skills-based routing
  • Provide callers with estimated wait times and offer calls back using Voice Callback

How to implement

There are many strategies to migrate your inbound traffic from an existing TDM based call center.  This can include a phased implementation to run alongside your current center or create a new IP environment.  Many organizations find that they have the in-house expertise to implement SIP based trunking and create routing plans that can align with all of your technical, operational and financial requirements.  Others may need assistance in planning and operationalizing this transition.  No matter what stage you’re at, we have the answers and expertise to help you get where you want to go and create a foundation for omnichannel touches. But often one of the hardest questions to answer is how do you best take advantage of IP Contact Centers? We can help answer that with you.

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