VoIP Inbound Anti‑Fraud and Authentication

Streamline VoIP authentication with a solution that balances security with a frictionless customer experience.

What it is

Authenticate customers and identify inbound fraud by analyzing audio, voice, behavior and metadata to create risk scores and trusted credentials.

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Verizon has teamed with Pindrop to provide a passive and secure multifactor contact center authentication and anti-fraud service to customers leveraging our Media Forking technology.

Media Forking replicates the call, IP header metadata and media of an inbound call and sends it to Pindrop’s cloud-based solution for analysis. Pindrop’s patented Phoneprinting™ technology, Deep Voice™ biometrics, behavioral analytics and Tone Printing™ technology provide a continuous analysis of the call.

A risk score and the analysis of voice, device and behavior are sent to the contact center via an application programming interface (API) to determine next steps. The contact center can route the call to a fraud analyst for further review.

A powerful and configurable risk-decision engine creates automated scores governed through a flexible policy engine to build trust for genuine callers.

Benefits and features

Reduce loss

The fraud rate is 1 in every 857 calls.¹ Detect potentially fraudulent calls and identify first-time and repeat fraudsters with a high level of precision before they can access sensitive information.

Safeguard accounts

Phone-based identity theft and account takeovers put customer accounts at risk. Risk-based mitigation assesses every caller for anomalies, including phone number validation, to reduce fraud exposure.

Protect reputation

Reduce fraud that threatens your reputation and avoid negative press while receiving actionable intelligence that can help you with remediation.

Increase efficiency

The overall cost of agent-handled authentication is $9.6 billion per year.²  Decrease average handle time (AHT) across your contact center by authenticating legitimate callers before they reach an agent.

Detect attacks

Monitor high-risk accounts and fight account-mining activities, brute-force attempts and robotic dialing in the interactive voice response (IVR).

Strengthen authentication

Pindrop uses passive authentication, eliminating time-consuming and unsecure PIN codes and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) so you can instantly validate calls in IVR.

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Pindrop Protect

Anti-Fraud provides a risk score and call intelligence to the contact center in the first few seconds of each call. This score and an analysis of the caller’s voice, device and behavior helps identify and prevent fraud.

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Pindrop Passport

Authentication is based on a set of attributes and risk criteria taken from a call. A powerful risk-decision engine creates a score, which is automated and governed by a flexible policy engine to build trust for genuine callers.

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Pindrop Protect + Passport

Anti-Fraud and Authentication combines both services into a single anti-fraud and authentication economical offer.

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2023 Voice Intelligence and Security Report

Fraudsters use stolen voice data to manipulate authentication systems, gain access to confidential information and conduct fraudulent activities. Learn how advanced security frameworks can help to combat fraud and ensure a safer digital environment for everyone.

Jan 4, 2024 ,  56 min read

Read the report


Pindrop Panorama Anti-Fraud and Authentication

Help reduce the risk of fraud and remove the need to require end-user authentication with the Verizon Inbound Anti-Fraud and Authentication solution that spots fraud early and passively evaluates each inbound caller—balancing security with positive customer experiences.

Feb 6, 2024

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Fact Sheet

Pindrop Protect Anti-Fraud for the Contact Center

Providing anti-fraud detection prior to agent presentation helps reduce risk and increase efficiency. Combining Pindrop Protect authentication with Verizon Media Forking provides a single integrated, network-based solution for inbound transport.

Nov 2, 2018

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Media Forking provides replication of an inbound call’s metadata, which can then be "forked" to third-party technology providers. This allows Verizon to provide proprietary enriched call-header information that integrates the Verizon network with other technology partners. This passive and secure solution does not interfere with the call path to the contact center and allows additional information to be delivered to the contact center via established APIs.

Pindrop's Deep Voice Biometric Engine uses AI and machine learning algorithms to remove background noise and enhance audio, so that we can enhance our focus on the user’s voice. With this solution, contact centers can verify that callers are who they claim to be, or if a caller's voice matches that of a known fraudster profile.*

*Biometric review of voice may have limited availability.

Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) does not protect against fraud. In its 2022 Voice Intelligence & Security Report, Pindrop found that fraudsters can pass KBA up to 92% of the time, while genuine customers only passed KBA 46% of the time.¹ Replacing KBA questions with advanced, passive authentication technology helps reduce average handle time while keeping fraudsters out.


¹2022 Voice Intelligence & Security Report, Pindrop.

²US Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide, Genesys, 2023.


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