IP Contact Center Solutions

Enhance your customers' experience with a comprehensive inbound solution.

What it is

IP Contact Center (IPCC) services include cloud hosting, Voice over IP (VoIP) inbound, interactive voice response (IVR), managed options and more.

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VoIP options:  Inbound call options including local, domestic toll-free, local-to-global and international can be layered with advanced features to fit the needs of your business.

Interactive voice response:  IVR handles high call volumes with intelligent routing and self service. Inbound calls route based on customer inputs and network capabilities so that callers can reach the right resources the first time or transfer without making a new call.

Network usage and metrics: IPCC services include the capabilities that most contact centers need in a single usage rate. We can integrate network functionality with your on-premises platforms, with strong network metrics and an SLA to back them.

User-defined parameters:  Total call routing control is based on user-defined parameters, permitting high-speed links between a company's Customer Access Point (CAP) and the Verizon Data Access Point (DAP). 

How traffic is directed:

  • Routing or blocking callers using automatic number identification (ANI)

  • Delivery of caller-entered digits from IVR prompts

  • Caller profile routing based on your systems knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Call routing using time of day and/or geographic area

Easy management:  Network Manager is a Windows® GUI application with color displays, icons  and a convenient toolbar. You can easily view your network configurations, make changes, order or activate new features, and extract near real-time reporting.


VoIP transformation

Move functionality into the network while providing powerful and flexible routing options and tools to help manage your call center environment.

Consistent experience

Customers can connect to your contact centers around the world using toll-free or local numbers to provide the same call experience no matter where it originates.

Increased productivity

Give agents individual customer information to personalize call experiences. Reduce hold times by allowing callers to schedule a return call rather than wait.

Greater efficiency

Get on-premises control of your toll-free routing within our network to automate traffic to balance loads and direct calls to other locations.


Easily view your network configurations, make changes, order or activate new features, and extract near real-time traffic management reporting.

Simplified rate

IPCC services include advanced features, network management, monitoring and reporting in one usage rate.


Global connectivity

Originating calls from approximately 80 countries.

Multichannel interactions

Communicate with customers over several channels including email, voice, text or chat. Supports onsite or remote environments.

Intelligent call routing

Provide global IP network integration and intelligent call routing to the best available resource in multiple contact centers.

Management tools

Get service management, traffic monitoring and reporting for visibility into your solution.

Managed Services

Our fully managed hosting service can help reduce your workload by running your IPCC for you.

Local phone numbers

Retain new and existing phone numbers to maintain a local presence in branch locations with VoIP Inbound Local Origination (VILO).

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Professional services

Tailored services

Our Digital Advisory Services offers an array of services to help you get the most from your digital interactions—from strategy to implementation. We tailor those offerings to your unique needs with on-demand access to network experts.

Migrations strategies

There are many strategies to migrate your inbound traffic from a traditional call center.  This can include a phased implementation to run alongside your current center or a new IP environment.

Getting started

Whether you have the inhouse experience to implement Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based trunking or need assistance planning and/or operationalizing, get started with our Digital Advisory Services.

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Fact Sheet

Keep customers happy, help improve efficiency.

Moving to an IP-based contact center helps handle high call volumes, streamline operations and meet customer expectations.

Dec 6, 2017

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Digital CX: What CIOs need to know

CIOs need to embrace digital customer experience (CX)—otherwise, CIO will stand for “career is over.”

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White Paper

Drive the Evolution of Customer—and Employee—Experiences

A 2022 Frost & Sullivan survey shows how leveraging advanced contact center technologies improves competitiveness.

Jul 8, 2022,  22 min read

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Drive Improved CX with IP Contact Center Solutions

Transform your customer experience (CX) by leveraging years of expertise and one of the world's largest IP networks.

Feb 15, 2019

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An IP contact center takes advantage of Internet Protocol (IP) communications, including routing of both voice and data communications to any agent who has access to an IP connection. Verizon offers a portfolio of interaction services that includes VoIP Inbound and IP IVR. Our network-based portfolio includes VoIP conversion for reliable termination to SIP devices. With IPCC, you gain the benefits of automatic technology upgrades, a fully managed hosted service and secure connectivity on one of the world’s largest IP backbones.


IPCC improves efficiency by moving some of the contact center functionality into the network while providing you powerful and flexible routing options, as well as management capabilities that can assist with managing your call center environment. This can result in more personalized customer experiences, lower call handling times, reduced inbound traffic to call center agents, better management and control of traffic, and an improved agent experience. Our IPCC offerings include everything that most contact centers need in a single usage-based solution, so you can more easily forecast and manage costs.

Verizon works with you to develop a solution that fits the needs of your business. Our IP Contact Center services help control your costs via a robust solution that covers everything most contact centers need. Network management, monitoring and reporting are all included in a single usage-based solution, so you can more easily forecast and manage costs.

IPCC includes network management, monitoring and reporting that enables you to extract near real-time traffic management information so you can have your finger on the pulse of your callers. This informs call center operations decisions like preset call routing to specific destinations and scaling of resources to help meet demand, ultimately helping customers get the information they seek quickly and easily.


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