Network Based IVR Services

Keep customers happy with inbound call routing based on customer inputs.

What it is

Network Based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services deliver personalized customer experiences by helping to route callers to the right resource the first time.

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Call preprocessing

Network Based IVR Services preprocesses calls for routing without impacting your bandwidth, customer premises equipment (CPE) or agent resources.

Automated attendant

The automated attendant uses a combination of customer menu inputs, originating automatic number identification (ANI) technology, time of day, look-ups to your in-house databases, caller-entered digits and destination labels provided by your systems.

Intelligent routing

Call preprocessing and the automated attendant work together to help route your inbound calls to the right resource.


Advanced routing

Direct callers to the right resource with routing options and comprehensive tools for visibility and control.

Personalized experiences

Provide choices, collect information and route callers to the appropriate resource to help reduce customer frustration and increase first-resolution interactions.


Self-service IVR applications can enhance the overall customer experience and may significantly improve your contact center productivity.

Routing control

If you have multiple contact centers, Network Based IVR Services can help them act as one by routing calls to different departments through toll-free numbers. 

Cost control

Pay for only what you need and you don’t have to invest in or manage on-premises equipment; therefore, the service can be reported as an operating expense, not a capital expense.


Call center unification

Present a single entry point for callers so it appears that you have a single call center rather than multiple centers.

Advanced routing

Take advantage of our advanced routing options and comprehensive tools for visibility and control.

Database integration

Our intelligent call routing capabilities include the ability to integrate with in-house databases.

Control costs

The costs for all IVR features are included. Use the features you need, when you need them. There are no additional fees for changing features or using new features.

Carrier-grade IP infrastructure

Provides toll-quality voice and fully redundant, managed and high network capacity.

Robust IVR call treatment

Supports key network IVR features, including menu routing, transfer, message announcement and more.

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Virginia Department of Health

The Virginia Department of Health used our Network Based IVR Services and Virtual Contact Center solutions to facilitate its ability to schedule vaccinations.

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IP Contact Center is a VoIP-based voice calling solution for contact centers that includes multiple originating calling options and number types as well as terminating options, including IPIVR.


IVR collects data from the customer (ex. Press 1 for sales, 2 for customer service, etc.) and passes it on to the automatic call distribution (ACD) system. ACD then distributes the call to an available agent in the relevant department, according to a set of predefined rules.

IVR can be used with Voice over IP (VoIP) or traditional landlines. IVR is usually much easier to set up and manage with VoIP than with traditional landlines.

Inbound IVR processes inbound calls (calls initiated by the caller). Outbound IVR processes outbound calls (calls initiated by the company). Inbound IVR is often used for customer service. Outbound IVR is often used for marketing purposes.


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