Toll Free and Inbound Services

Maximize call center opportunities and availability.

What it is

Our inbound toll-free service on our intelligent network helps connect your callers to the resources they need, at no additional cost to them.

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Intelligent routing

Toll Free and Inbound Services provide routing of incoming calls across our intelligent network in a way that can meet your specific business needs.

Visibility and control

Comprehensive tools for visibility and control help you maximize traffic efficiency and minimize the resources required to keep your customers happy.

Routing options

You can combine multiple routing options to help ensure you don’t miss any calls.


Enhanced service

Let callers contact you at no additional cost to them, while helping them get to the right resource on the first try.

Increased revenue

Utilizing toll-free vanity numbers can make it easier for your prospects to remember how to contact you, which can expand business opportunities.

Decreased costs

Automatic number identification (ANI) and holiday routing options can help you route calls more efficiently and effectively.

Business continuity

Network Redirect and Multi-Manager routing options can help provide the redundancy and diversity your organization needs.

Flexible control

Manage your business with greater control and flexibility with near real-time tools such as Network Manager and Network Monitoring.

Routing options

Our toll-free service’s routing options provide the redundancy, diversity and flexibility your organization needs.


Advanced call routing

Route calls to predetermined locations to help maximize resources and keep customers happy

Global reach

Toll Free and Inbound Services is available from any location in the U.S. and Canada, and more than 80 other countries.

Network Manager

Quickly and easily view entire network configurations, make changes or order new features.

Multiple communication channels

Toll Free and Inbound Services support time division multiplexing (TDM) and IP- based terminations.

Traffic reporting and monitoring

Traffic reporting and monitoring provides companies with the vital information needed to optimize their inbound and outbound voice services.

Multiple international number types

Available international number types include traditional in-country PSTN, free phone, International Toll Free and Universal International Freephone.

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Why choose us

45 B+

minutes of inbound traffic a year


countries with International Toll Free


countries with Universal International Freephone

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An inbound call center handles inbound calls from its customers or potential customers, typically in the roles of providing customer service or technical support.

Designated by an 8XX prefix, an inbound toll-free service allows callers to reach your business at no additional cost to them.

Yes. We provide inbound reports through Verizon Enterprise Center traffic reporting. Additionally, the Traffic Reporting tool provides IP Contact Center customers the ability to report on inbound call statistics including call detail and summary reports at the number level or domain level. Reports can be set up to be recurring or one time for specific dates and times.

Contact your sales representative, who will work with the ordering and provisioning teams to initiate the order.

Yes. You can use the Network Manager tool in the Verizon Enterprise Center (VEC) to reroute toll-free numbers. You can also contact the VEC Help Desk.

You can often keep all of your numbers. However, some conditions could prevent some of your numbers from porting, such as regulatory limitations for some international countries. Your order manager or sales representative will be able to tell you whether all of your numbers may be ported.


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