Automated Retail

Combine online shopping convenience with the gratification of an in-store purchase.

Deliver instant gratification, in store and virtually anywhere. 

Customers want the personalization of online shopping and the instant gratification of tapping on a screen to get what they want in seconds. Our automated retail solutions deliver self-service machines with on-demand access to popular products—throughout your store and other high-traffic areas. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it all possible—simply and securely. 

Verizon Automated Retail machines and kiosks help eliminate wait times, with touch screens, customized graphics and robotic dispensing systems. And they’re securely connected through machine-to-machine (M2M) technology. They’re why Ahold USA turned to us to improve their in-store customer experience, enabling self-serve checkout with smartphones.

What is Automated Retail? 

Automated Retail machines use touch screens, customized graphics and robotic dispensing systems to enable self-service purchases throughout your stores and other high-traffic locations. 

How does Automated Retail work?

Our Automated Retail solutions are securely connected to your back-end systems through Verizon Wireless M2M technology. Our machines let customers purchase products and services on the spot, and they provide valuable purchase and inventory data. You can easily change messaging or prices in near-real time. 


State of the Market: IoT infographic

See how businesses are overcoming the obstacles to IoT innovation so they can better manage operations and keep customers engaged.

Features and benefits

Our IoT retail solutions can provide new revenue opportunities with interactive kiosks, creating near real-time access to transactions. You can strengthen customer and brand loyalty. And our wireless point of sale (POS) processes a wide variety of transactions, from inventory control to crucial sales data. 

  • Compelling. Establish a presence in new locations
  • Cost efficient. Control costs with more flexible, fast transactions
  • Responsive. Adjust messaging quickly to respond to trends 
  • Secure. Protect data with secure connections through your point- of-sale network 

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