Connect high-bandwidth locations with an optical network to speed delivery of apps and data.

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  • Power big-data delivery

    Connect your data centers with optical networks to help speed delivery of large files.

  • Bounce back quickly

    Maintain disaster recovery with high-bandwidth connections to your remote backup sites.

  • Stay secure

    Use private point-to-point connections to safeguard your data.

  • Verizon reliability

    Verizon's highly reliable network helps your large data transfers get through.

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Move bandwidth-intensive files across networks securely and quickly with fast optical connections.

Best for:

  • Maintaining reliable app performance with secure, private connections that provide high scalability and dedicated capacity
  • Supporting the delivery needs of your most data-intensive apps, including backup and mirroring

Our high-speed Wavelength connections delivers your data quickly, reliably and securely.

Scalable bandwidth

Verizon Wavelength Services offers network speeds from 1 to 100 Gbps.

OSI for reliable throughput

Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Layer 1 transport moves your data with low jitter and reliable throughput.

DWDM for low latency

We use dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) technology for low-latency connections.

Network resiliency

We offer thousands of standard routes to choose from, so you can better manage your network resiliency.

  • Save time. Control costs. Get a better network.

  • Let our Managed Network Services teams help you fine-tune & secure your network.

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