Secure Gateway Services

The security and capacity of a private network with the convenience of public internet.

What it is

Secure Gateway securely extends your Private IP WAN to remote users and locations using the public internet.

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Increased coverage and connectivity

You can use Secure Gateway to boost coverage and connectivity of your Private IP network via the public internet.

Secure access

Secure Gateway allows remote locations and mobile users to securely access your organization’s Private IP network and the internet.

Fully managed

Verizon configures, hosts and manages Secure Gateway Ports on our network. These ports serve as the connectors to the internet and your Private IP network.



Extend your Private IP WAN securely and cost-effectively over the public internet.


Deliver reliable, always-on connectivity to Private IP for remote employees and smaller offices/retail locations.


Give mobile employees and remote locations secure, reliable access to critical resources and applications over the Private IP network.


Quickly add bandwidth and connect new sites to corporate resources with Secure Gateway access.


Secure Gateway Port

The Secure Gateway Port is the central component of Secure Gateway and enables the delivery of the rest of its services.

Always-on access

Remote locations and employees can get secure, always-on access to important resources over your Private IP network.

Public internet access

Secure Gateway helps protect your organization against cyberthreats by providing secure public internet access to retail and remote locations and mobile employees.

Network SLAs

Secure Gateway Services comes backed by strong service level agreements (SLAs) and a team of Verizon networking experts, helping to control costs and reduce the impact to your IT staff.

Backup connectivity

You can use Secure Gateway to serve as a backup service to Private IP, helping to make your WAN more resilient.

Why choose us


countries globally with Private IP coverage


years of experience managing networks


security operations centers globally

Customer success story

Commonwealth of Virginia

Learn how Verizon helped the Commonwealth of Virginia transform its IT infrastructure to help agencies better deliver services to citizens.



2023 Data Breach Investigations Report

Help strengthen your organization’s understanding and awareness of cybersecurity. Read our detailed analysis of 16,000+ security incidents from around the world.

Apr 10, 2024 ,  2 min read

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Mid-Atlantic state success story

Discover how a Mid-Atlantic state used Secure Gateway to protect remote connections from cyberthreats during the COVID-19 stay-at-home mandates.

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Yes, there are redundancy options. We can configure Secure Gateway—Retail and Remote Office to remote routers with primary and secondary tunnels to two different Secure Gateway ports.

Yes, it has coverage globally, and interested customers should contact their Verizon sales team for specific details.

Yes, Secure Gateway—Retail and Remote Office provides the capabilities needed to serve as a backup connection for Private IP at larger sites.

Secure Gateway provides the necessary firewall capabilities needed to protect the Private IP network and any users accessing the public internet.

Yes, this managed, reliable service is the perfect solution for smaller office and retail locations, especially if they do not require a premium network connection.


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