Extend your reach with Software Defined Secure Branch.

Software Defined Secure Branch services can help you extend your business reach and streamline IT across your WAN.

  • Simplify branch networking and security.

  • SD Secure Branch helps make network edges easier to extend, manage and protect. It simplifies the secure management of apps, data and network extensions across branch offices, so you can worry less about adding IT resources and security to keep up with WAN growth.

Software Defined Secure Branch is best for:

  • topsSMB


    Organizations that need to extend, manage and protect networks across multiple locations.



  • flexibilitythreearrows


    Organizations that want scalable, flexible network solutions that can let them quickly respond to change.


  • advancedsettings


    Organizations without the IT resources or expertise to address remote networking needs.



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    What is it?

    SD Secure Branch gives you a customized and managed software-defined services architecture on a single device that lets you specify multiple transit paths depending on application need and network quality.

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    How does it help you?

    It helps you quickly automate and deploy an application-driven, secure and hybrid WAN customized for each of your remote locations. That helps you simplify your connectivity and increase your agility.

Features and benefits

Software Defined Secure Branch helps simplify your WAN and policy management.

  • Reduce complexity.

    Replace networking and security functions that might currently require multiple boxes.

  • Increase efficiency.

    Route data based on each application’s needs and current network conditions.

  • Maintain availability.

    Make near real-time decisions to redirect traffic to the most suitable service at the time.

  • Strengthen security.

    Tailor security to your sites’ needs with multiple security options that let you use a variety of virtual network functions.

  • Control costs.

    Better manage total cost of ownership by using lower-cost routes when possible and premium connections when needed.

  • Increase visibility.

    Gain detailed visibility of network performance through advanced network monitoring solutions.

  • Improve network agility.

    Tune function performance up or down by altering processor allocation or adding resources as network requirements change.

  • Lower power consumption.

    Move network functions to one power-efficient platform instead of keeping them on several different appliances.

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  • We have the expertise that comes from over two decades of experience managing customer networks to help you reach your networking goals.


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years publishing the Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)


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