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Secure Gateway Secure Gateway

Connect scattered employees

Share critical data with employees at remote offices, home offices, retail locations and on mobile devices.


Keep data secure

The Secure Gateway is like a guarded door into your private network. With a secure web gateway, you control which people and services get access..


Growth when you need it

Our Virtualized Network platform lets you add bandwidth only when you need it, so your business can scale easily.


Security with Verizon reliability

Our network reliability and expertise gives your employees the access they need, with the security your business demands.


Give access to employees working in remote locations

—while maintaining the security of your data. 


Best for:

Controlling which apps and people get access to your data with a single, secure port

Getting additional bandwidth when you need it, to give each of your apps the resources they need

Service options

Secure Gateway supports any number—or all three—of our managed network service options.


Secure Gateway—Retail and Remote Office

Securely connect small or home offices or retail locations to your network, or create an affordable backup option for remote offices on a Private IP connection.

Secure Gateway—Mobile Client

Give mobile workers a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection to your network. The mobile client supports split tunneling, so users can securely access corporate and public resources simultaneously.

Secure Gateway—Firewall

Protect your users with a managed, network-based firewall. This secure internet gateway option can help centralize your security management and mitigate the risk of connecting to the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Secure Gateway with Express Connect?

Express Connect gets your secure internet gateway service up and running quickly, connecting new sites to your corporate resources using wireless access. After installation of your wireline service is complete, it automatically converts into a simple, cost-effective backup solution that can keep you working even in the event of a wireline outage, so you can get better peace of mind while you stay focused on your business goals.


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